Hello Kitty The Darker Side

You’re excited for Halloween because you have decided to go out as Darth Vader. You can’t wait for your friends to see your awesome costume. Then mom says that you have to take your little sister with you. You can’t believe your rotten luck. Having your little sister tagging along is going to ruin everything. You think that it is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. That is until you see your little sister’s costume:

hello kitty Darth Vader pink

Hello Kitty has shown once again that the Dark Side gets all that much darker when she is involved…

Left on twitter by @AngelaDaniels (via Spidergirl’s Random Thoughts)

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty The Darker Side”

  1. I feel so freakin’ honored to show up on your website and yet, I also feel like a terrible mom to my son now that you put it that way… on the other hand, it’s YOUR site’s fault that my daughter INSISTED on dressing this way for Halloween (I gave up trying to explain it to every house we trick-or-treated at and just did a sad shrug at every puzzled look by the end of the night). You have to admit, it IS funny…

  2. This picture is so cute, yet so wrong! @Angela Daniels- Dont feel bad. Moms do all kinds of things to accomodate their children’s wishes, no matter how weird or silly it is. You wouldn’t be a mom if you didn’t mortify your kids at least once in thier lives. And besides, when your kids become teenagers, you can always threaten to show this picture to thier friends at school, lol 😉

  3. Angela, there is nothing wrong with you or your parenting. ALL big brothers must suffer through taking their little sisters trick-or-treating. It’s part of being a big brother and would have been embarassing regardless of costume choice. Now, please tell me where you got the pink Darth Vader treat bucket.

  4. YES.


    EPIC WIN. I kind of had a friend who almost became that way, in a sense…

    You can only hope her (assuming it is a girl?) ‘soul’ is with…God now. But it may still be in the little ‘white devil’s’ clutches to this very day……

    Hello Kitty is Nanoha. Kinda….she’s a devil and she’s white. o_o; Lets face it, that’s kind of.. badass….

    Of course, ye’dun hafta believe me ‘ere. ;3

    ……Behind you.

    Yeah sometimes it’s fun to scare people like that *cough* Take care now, brave warrior…….

    May your soul be gaurded wherever you are as well.


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