Hello Kitty Growth Chart

I’m beginning to think that creative editing (much along the lines of Hello Kitty coloring pages) might be the way to help lessen the agony of living in Hello Kitty Hell. If a Hello Kitty fanatic decides to gift you a Hello Kitty growth chart, what is the best way to proceed after the stomach churning realization that you may have to stare at the nauseating image for the foreseeable future? How about turning it into a Hello Kitty skeleton growth chart?

hello kitty growth chart

My wife simply doesn’t understand why someone would ever want to do something like that to Hello Kitty. When she asked me why, I did what any self preserving man who lived in Hello Kitty Hell would do. I kept my mouth shut, scrunched my brow a bit to make it look like I was considering her question with deep thought and even placed my hand on my chin for a more dramatic effect. I then shrugged my shoulders as if to say, “I have no idea” while secretly thinking, “who knew that a little shading here and there would bring out the true Hello Kitty?” Hey, at least I’m learning how to stay off the couch and out of the Hello Kitty sleeping bag…

Sent in by krystal who should have to spend the rest of her days marking the heights of kids on Hello Kitty growth charts as punishment for ever thinking that sending this to me would be a good idea…

Update: All is not right in the world when I get emails like this”

“I love the blog. I saw that growth chart and I wanted the hello kitty on my arm. I almost got a punisher style hello kitty but I love this one so much. It is my first real tattoo. I am going to get more than I can, so I wanted to share my tat. I hope whoever drew on that chart doesn’t get mad I took their idea as a tattoo.” — Laurie

hello kitty growth chart tattoo

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Growth Chart”

  1. Typical of a hateful person like you. A kind person sends you a beautiful gift and you destroy it! Of course, Hello Kitty forgives you with her sweet merciful spirit, but i won’t! Hello Kitty rules the planet and nothing you do can change that. I will pray to Hello Kitty to bring you here to India and i will come to the airport and throw things at you.

  2. Dear darlene 16,
    The day you pray to Hello Kitty is the day you damn yourself to hell. Why? In every religion around the world, playing to anyone or anything that isn’t that’s religion’s god(s) or goddess(es) is the greatest sin and is believed to be a one-way pass to hell. Also, the fact that you worship Hello Kitty means you have a psychological problem. The worship of an idea can be linked with one or two proven psychological problems.

    As for the picture, to each his/her own. You can’t judge someone based on what they see. The person who drew this might be trying to tell others that the selling of Hello Kitty base produce is a bit over the top and needs to slow down. You might never know.

  3. Wicked^^
    On the other hand, not agreeing with the Emily Strange comment, it’s more a mix of SkelAnimal + HK 😀

  4. Awwww……one night HK will come and EAT YOU AND YOUR WIFE!!!!!!….and not in the good way….well maybe….I don’t know….

  5. omg there is an ad to the right of this blog listing every possible hello kitty object I can think of…. but I don’t want to think of… and to just think about an hour ago before finding this blog I was looking forward to knitting a hello kitty doll… this overdose of commercialism cleared that idea from my thoughts! And to the haters of haters… grow up, the mature thing to do when you don’t like something is.. don’t associate yourself with it… stop reading the blog!!!


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