Hello Kitty Puppy

Of all living things on earth that may have a comparable Hello Kitty Hell to my own, the closest may be the dogs of Hello Kitty owners. When your owner thinks it’s a good idea to give you a Hello Kitty ID tattoo or simply dress you up like this (or this or this or this — it is quite sad that I could keep going on and on), being a dog owned by a Hello Kitty fanatic can’t be an easy life.

Knowing this, it becomes plainly obvious when a creature did something beyond evil in their past life, and now the karma has come back to haunt them in their new form. There is no other explanation when you see a photo like this:

Hello Kitty puppy

Shouldn’t someone be calling the humane society?

Sent in by Stephanie who I would wish unthinkable punishment upon, but have a feeling that her Yorkie already has plans far more sinister and painful than I could ever come up with as revenge for doing this…

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  1. This is one of the cutest pics I’ve seen in a while. The yorkie almost looks like a toy amongst the HK dolls!


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