Hello Kitty Pedicure

It is already well established that Hello Kitty fanatics love their claws. One would assume seeing that sampling of what Hello Kitty fanatics are willing to do to their nails pretty much sums up the worst of the worst, but that would be highly underestimating Hello Kitty fanatics. Case in point: the Hello Kitty pedicure:

hello kitty pedicure

hello kitty pedicure left

hello kitty toe nails

My wife absolutely loves the Hello Kitty toe nails and wants some for herself. She couldn’t stop squealing with high pitched Hello Kitty delight as she wondered out loud why she had not thought of doing that herself.

My reaction was quite different. Upon seeing them, I immediately recognized that the perfect torture technique had been developed. Instead of torturing a prisoner by slowly ripping of their finger and toe nails off with pliers, all you would have to do is show them the Hello Kitty manicure and pedicure. The person being detained would instantly recognize that ripping off their own nails would be vastly less painful than having Hello Kitty placed on them and having to look at them 24/7. Something I’m sure I have to look forward doing to myself in the near future if Hello Kitty Hell continues down it’s current path…

Left on twitter by @PinkVelvetDream via Pink Velvet who has obviously brought so much more pain and suffering upon herself by creating these than I could ever imagine wishing upon her for ever thinking that it would be a good idea to send them to me…

Update: This is definitely not a trend that I support:

Hello Kitty pedicure

Left on twitter by @PinkVelvetDream

hello kitty toe nails

Again, from @PinkVelvetDream

Sent in by Melissa

hello kitty toenail polish

Sent in by Joy

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pedicure”

  1. the worst part of this ‘pedicure’ & I am using the term loosely is how…. dimensional(?) it is, flat ala decal would not be quite so terrifying.

  2. …O_o…ewww…

    I would imagine that the puffyness of the designes would get caught on stuff and get ripped off…and then Hello Kitty wouldn’t have a head anymore…;P

  3. you know how hellis that would be for HK hating foot fetishist? it would end a relationship! ahaha. and what ugly feet.

  4. Don’t those toenails look a little too long. Like they could cause some damage?
    She should have shaved her toes before the picture. Yuck!

  5. I’m so glad I’m not the only one concerned about the nails getting caught on stuff and ripping off. Guh, that looks ugly. I can see where the glue was sloshed around.

  6. why oh why is there hair on those toes? tell me its NOT a man with those nails…….if thats a woman lets introduce her to a razor, nair or wax please!!!


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