Hello Kitty Pancakes

I have an aversion to any Hello Kitty and pancakes combination since it was the Hello Kitty pancake maker that made me realise that I had entered into Hello Kitty Hell. I can tell you from experience that there is not a better way to completely ruin someone’s day than to serve them up a Hello Kitty pancake:

hello kitty pancake

No matter how much you jab your fork into it, use your knife to slowly cut the face to pieces or chomp away at her eyes to try and console yourself at the horrendous injustice of having to look at the evil feline first thing in the morning, you know deep down in your heart that the mere fact that Hello Kitty was served to you as breakfast means that you lose and all is not right in the world. Or, in other words, it is another day in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by kristin (via Jim’s Pancakes) who should have to eat those each and every morning for the rest of her life as punishment for ever thinking that sending that photo would be a good idea…

Update: Hello Kitty fanatics simply don’t know when to leave bad enough alone:

hello kitty pancake chocolate

Sent in by Claudia

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pancakes”

  1. I would love to have those for breakfast everyday! I have the HK toaster so I make HK sandwiches all the time (HK Cheesesteaks were my fiance’s favorite.) My fiance understands the hell you’re living in and says you guys would probably be great friends if you ever met.

  2. Personally, l sort of like Hello Kitty. But l will agree that NOT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD has to be in the form of a little cat…

  3. I do not like thing-shaped food! Either I feel guilty about eating it or I’m put off my food, and after the ant incident I don’t want a repeat of being put off something as awesome as pancakes. That’s why I don’t like making my box lunch look like anything either. Round pancakes, please!

  4. Strange hello kitty shape food does not appeal to me. Hello Kitty should be enjoyed not ripped apart and devoured. I like my food plainly shaped.

  5. I just discovered your incredible site; you make me laugh so hard!

    I do not live an HK oriented lifestyle but if I had a daughter I think I’d own one. At about ages 2-10 I know I would have thought HK pacakes were super neat. However, I thought the same thing about a Cinderella toaster (leaves a glass slipper on the toast).

    Hang in there, and keep sharing the insanity.


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