Hello Kitty Melon

One would assume that having the evil feline cut out fruit in the shape of her face and marketing fruit under her own brand (and we aren’t going to even touch the Hello Kitty banana cover) would be enough to satisfy her fruitful dominance cravings, but that, of course, would be highly underestimating what Hello Kitty has in store. She actually wants her face branded into all fruits (hey, if it is good enough for people…) with the Hello Kitty melon as the launching off point:

hello kitty melon gift

hello kitty cantaloupe

hello kitty melon

So what does a melon with Hello Kitty carved into the outside of it cost? Only about $55 (5,000 yen) — a screaming deal for Hello Kitty fanatics going by my wife’s reaction to it…

The sad, sad part is that you know the people at Sanrio are now desperately trying to figure out how to turn the inside of the melon pink to better reflect the brand image and their effort to further increase my (and everybody else’s) Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Jamilyn who should have to eat nothing but Hello Kitty food for the rest of her life as punishment for ever thinking that sending this to me could be a good idea…

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Melon”

  1. > … a melon with Hello Kitty carved ….

    Was the HK face carved?
    I’m suspecting that they placed a pttern on the surface to encourage the pattern to grow, or something. It is too much work to carve HK face onto every melons (Cantaloupe).

  2. Psh, I would have totally bypassed seeing the hellokitty face, and tore into the cantaloupe and devouraded it. BUT seeing it at the store the only thing i would notice is the price, I mean $55!?! That’s outragous!!!!! I’d see the price, and be all like, “$55 cantaloupe!!?! Screw that!” I wouldn’t even look at the cantaloupe.

  3. And you know when you’re wife finds a local supplier she’s going to have to buy one every week until she finds some way to preserve one so it looks perfect and doesn’t rot.

  4. These are probably special Yubari melons grown in limited quantities for prestige gift-giving, to bosses etc.. They are carefully tended for a perfect appearance and, when harvested, air-freighted from Hokkaido and packaged in classy-looking boxes. Not the sort of thing you’d buy at the local grocery store for your own family.

    The region they are grown in has had economic tough times since the coal mines closed, so you can understand why they’d be desperate enough to put Hello Kitty on their melons.

  5. I did not consciously intend for the last sentence in my post above to sound perverted. It just turned out that way.

  6. Yeah, that’s not really so expensive compared to Japan’s black and square watermelon fetish, which can cost you a hundred bucks per each.

  7. Yubari melons are a specialty melon in Japan that is normally given in one of the two gift-giving seasons. This actually is a pretty good price for a yubari melon, especially since it’s been “specially grown.”

  8. @Liz yes liz fruitbaskets! But in japan watermelon is usually given as a gift and is very expensive, so yeah its just like that, its silly I never connected that.. I was like I get its an expensive fruit(watermelon) and I get its mostly given as a gift but WHY? Fruitbasket! That makes sense now… wow.. why didn’t they use a watermelon its redishpinkish on the inside….

    You know what they should have done, with a lone super thin needle then could have made a buch of little holes thru the melon into a design on hello kitty kinda like when people gem clothing or when a tattoo is shaded in.. that way when you cut the melon into big slices each slice would have a hello kitty on it…

    That would be impressive…. hello kitty I await my check if you steal my idea

  9. Oh yeah and to make any fruit or veggies a certain color you give them water with food coloring when they are saplings and continue doing so until they are ripe… this usually effects the inside more to it should be awesome

  10. ….Why dont they just put it in a box shaped like HK and make it grow that way? or for that matter why not just give it colored water to turn the inside of it pink (not sure if that would work)…

  11. Perfect logic. How to turn the inside pink.
    Use a different fruit, like a watermelon….

    and instead of buying the fruit for $55, just make a stencil and stick it on the melon.

  12. Gonna have to pass on this one. I carved Kitty on my pumpkin for Halloween 2 years ago with a dremel so if I really wanted this, I’d put the work in myself and pick up a melon at the farmers market. Some things I just cannot rationalize spending this much money on when they normally don’t cost more than $3…


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