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This came in my email today:


My fiance is obsessed with hello kitty and subsequently I’ve been reading your site for a while. First it started as some hello kitty pocky, then cuddly toys and has progressed to so called “designer” clothing and jewelry. But now it has reach an all new level of depravity, as I have mentioned she is my fiance and i love her dearly however when planning the wedding she has let slip that she plans to have hello kitty centerpieces and cake, as well as telling me that once the wedding has been paid for she will be buying some of the “super cute” home appliance’s and furniture.

I understand that there is no hope for you but perhaps you can save the rest of us from your fate! Is there a way to stop the spiral in to hello kitty hell?

All the best

Included with the email were the following photos of his fiance’s wedding folder:

hello kitty wedding folder

hello kitty wedding preparation book

My Advice: Yes, although this may surprise you, there is definitely an simple, easy and 100% effective way to stop this spiral into Hello Kitty Hell. Find another fiance…

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  1. He is a goner.
    But living in the HK Hell may not be so bad.
    Who knows, which one is hell or heaven.
    Once you are brain-washed and assimilated, you will find that you are living in a heaven.

    Resistance is futile …

  2. Lol, or you could put your foot down and say no HK wedding, because it is not HER day, but the day for both of you. Btw, I am female. Also, if she refuses, I’d have to agree, find another fiance, because she does not respect you enough to not even listen to you about such a thing.

  3. I must disagree with Jodie. The HK addiction overrules all forms of love. He can try to put his foot down but I doubt it’ll work. Everytime I go for something HK the fiance says NO and I get it anyway. There is no stopping the spiral if you are involved with an HK fanatic and you simply have to decide if the person is worth it or not.

  4. Anyone who thinks it aint a little perverse is sick in the head. It gives me the heebie jeebies thinking about it. A 6 year old girl into hello Kitty = cute. A grown woman = senile dementia lol

  5. That is a long engagement. X_X

    But i think both sides should compromise. Maybe a few HK items at the wedding and then some normal wedding stuff too. Not an entire HK pink throw up wedding.

  6. Asking MR. HKH on advice makes much sense as asking a Nazi on tips to support Judaism.

    However, seriously you both need pre marriage counseling. I see a big problem. Marriage is not all out winner take all warfare with Nuclear weapons. You need to find a compromise instead of imposing my way or the highway on each other. She should have some Hello Kitty and at the same time, she should allow a kitty free man room. If you cannot find compromise and beyond Hello Kitty, then call it off and I pray both find a n more understanding partner.

    The irony is Mr. HKH is showing you the solution by what he says. He lives with a Hello Kitty obsessed wife and she lives with an obsessed Kitty hater. What I see between the lines they both love each other.
    PS. One average Hello Kitty obsessed wife, she will be easy to buy presents for her birthday and Christmas.

  7. There’s still time Tom, run whilst you can!! 😉

    Seriously though, I’d agree with Acton, but with the note that AIUI Mr and Mrs HKH were married before he found out that she was an HK fan.

  8. Cheez, has he talked to her about this? I see no “I have talked to her about this and she won’t listen etc.” on there.

    TALK TO HER, for goodness sakes. Tell her how you *really* feel about having a cartoon character start to take over important aspects of your life- not just hers, and not just yours, but hers and yours as well, as a married couple. Maybe the two of ya could find a common ground. If she refused to yield, I’d personally see that as a red flag.

    Not that I’m one to say “break up now”, but possibly counseling might help, if it’s *that* extreme.

    Point is, do you want this to be a making or breaking point in your relationship?

  9. Well i was hoping to avoid leaving her being that i love her very much XD I certainly wouldnt make it the make or break of the relationship.
    I’m liking the counseling idea though, thks Liz!
    And ooo I’m liking the man room idea ! perhaps i could wrangle a through and through man room …. possibly where I can burn small effigies of HK XD

    Thks for the advice Mr HKH

  10. its sad that she wrote on kitty’s face, i could never do that. i love hello kitty. and i love this site. 🙂

  11. These two people are my best friends.

    Tom is seriouisly in the dog house and is currently on the phone to us wondering what he`s done what he`s done wrong…

    Em is upset.

    We love em, she is so lovely and special and we all sort of let her get on with her HK addiction.

    Tom. Your an idiot. Em. We love you.

    So yeah, he`s a dick for putting this on, but Em- if you read this. Dont worry about it, he didnt think before he put it on but he now realises what a monumental screw up it was. Forgive him, he loves you 🙂

    As do we.

    Talli and Dave x

  12. I find it hard to believe that people are jumping right to “she doesn’t respect him, they need counseling, find another fiance” ….don’t you think it’s endearing? o.o

  13. I’ve been happily married for 5yrs and trust me, it’s possible to live with your wife who loves HK. How about some compromises? Let her have a SMALL HK cake alongside the main wedding cake and keep the centerpieces “normal”. And if you don’t cook, let her decorate the kitchen to her hearts content. My husband and I do this and I keep my kitchen in what I think is HK heaven and the rest of my home stays HK free. She can even secretly wear HK on her wedding day too if she wants. Tell her to find a HK charm and sew it to the
    inside of her dress or better yet, her garter just like I did on my wedding day. Marraige is about joining your lives together for the rest of your life and there will be so many REALLY important things to worry about along the way. Love your future wife- make her happy. In turn, she will love you even more and will do more things to make you just as happy. Ever heard of the saying
    “Happy wife, happy life”? Those who are married truely understand the meaning! Good luck to you 🙂

  14. @ Talli, this came across as Tom feeling that the wedding was being taken over by HK, and him not being able to talk to Em, or his self-proclaimed “best friends” about it. If this wasn’t what Em intended, then I’d suggest there’s a disconnect in their relationship, and indeed, in your relationship with him.

    Hence the serious advice that Tom and Em need to talk this through properly.

  15. I only have 1 tip, find out what she hates and buy it..a lot. Put it i your hole house. Make sure she gets an overkill of items that she trully hates. Like big animal heads on the wall or a collection of beer bottles. How do you think she would respond when you are putting up selves in the living room for your new found 1000 bottles of beer!! 🙂 If she is a real woman she will not accept and you can trow out your bottles togeter with HK!

  16. @Talli:

    Yea, kind of a dick move to post this, but it’s not only her wedding. It’s both of their wedding. He’s probably feeling left out, seeing as how he won’t be able to make any decisions for the wedding. He didn’t know what to do. OBVIOUSLY he didn’t feel confident enough to go you two, knowing that you would let his fiance foam at the mouth with her HK fanitis-ness, compleatly agree with her, and say that he is wrong even if he is right. He needed a REAL prospective on the situation(which i don’t think HKH really gives him…) and help HIM come up with a solution that would satisify BOTH the man and woman in the relationship instead of just satisifing the rabid HK fan-woman.

    If you read the comment that Tom left, he absoultly loves this woman, despite the horrid HK fanitis, and wants to STAY with her. He was just looking for ways to cope the fact that she is a HK fan since he is going to MARRY her. If you two really want to help this budding couple, then you should not feed into her HK addiction. You need to teach her that marriage is comprimise, not filled with excuses like, “Oh, I’m addict, so it’s ok for me to foam at the mouth when I don’t get the HK stuff I want.” If you really cared about her, then why would you let her be addicted to anything, and feed into it? Addiction is horrible, even if it is just collecting HK stuff. Ever heard of hoarding? That’s exactly what she may become if you keep feeding into her addcition. Horading is a horrible compulsion and it can and will tear families apart, because after a while it may seem that she loves her possisions more than her “loved ones”. “OH, she’ll never become that way.” Oh really, and how would you know that. Can you read into the future? If you are going to base it on how she acts now, that’s pretty flimsy. People change, and life changes people. Marriage could espically change her. And then having a baby would definatly change her. So comparied to now, 10 years down the road she could be someone compleatly different.

    Saying he’s an idiot for trying to get help, and come up with ways to cope with the HK fanitis side of his future wife makes you look like an idiot. Stop treating the woman as a child and treat her as an adult. Don’t feed into her addiction, it’s letting her know that it’s ok to act like a child, and that she can get whatever she wants just by being upset. Teach her how to comprimise, so that they can have a chance at a long and happy marriage where they can BOTH be happy, at the same time.

  17. Perhaps the idiot part was asking Mr HKH for advice in the first place. You can make peace tom, make an offering of a real Hello Kitty Wedding album for her; one in the picture is tacky.

    “And ooo I’m liking the man room idea ! perhaps i could wrangle a through and through man room …. possibly where I can burn small effigies of HK XD ”
    while you at it get used to the hello Kitty Sleeping bag. See Mr, HKH post about it. 😉

  18. What a waste of a HK folder…I just bought a neat HK folder yesterday, I’m going to use it for school maybe…

    And the plushies in the photo, the one in the pink tartan dress…I have that but in a smaller size…

  19. I am new to this blob and have spent the last few hours laughing myself to death. I enjoy HK, but not as much as ,it seens, as others. Thank you Mr HKH and the people who post here.

    Maybe the answer to the problem is that the guys not being allowed to help make these decisions. My husband was very involved with our wedding, right down to picking the ring pillow (a stuffed cat with the rings tied on the neck). Had I known more about HK, and had they had HK had a cake topper, we might have used it.

    But my point is it sounds as if this guy is helplessly looking on with no control, he may need to try to step it in now and moderate the amount of HK that they use. It will be easier to help her control her “gotta have” now then let her get use to calling the shots with it. Since marriage is a blending of things like income, he is going to be paying for her probable addiction. The sooner he steps in the easier it will be to help guide her and the fewer HK conflicts they will have, thus a better marriage.

  20. Hi! Tom, I am a HK fan, I absolutely love her! I’ve had HK things since I was a baby; I actually even had the HK coffee maker and toaster at my apartment before I moved in with my fiance. However, once I decided to get married to this man, who doesn’t care about my HK “obsession” (he does make fun of me every once in a while though) I knew that I couldn’t bring my HK things into our new home. As much as I love her, HK is not “someone” that I thought was appropriate to bring into my new home with my future husband! I did sneak a little notepad onto the fridge, but other than that, our home is HK free. As for our wedding, she will NOT be in our wedding! My friends and family know that I love her and that’s why, for my bridal party, I am going to add some HK touches to put a personal touch to their gifts. That way, I will still be able to use HK in my wedding, but not for all the world to see. I don’t know if this helps you, but you should suggest this to her. First, she’s an adult, and she’s getting married, while she may love HK, it’s a part of her…”single” life. Having the house full of HK things may have been ideal for her own home, but now that she’s going to be married, she has to take you into consideration! The bridal party ideas are this:
    I bought some HK rhinestone compacts on ebay, HK mints, and am going to add a personalized HK label on some antibacterial bottles as well as add some more small things, like a nail file and eyelash curler I saw at Target. By doing this, I can add a small, personal touch to the bridal totes without ruining my wedding with HK accessories. I know I don’t sound like a hardcore HK freak, but believe me, I am. Ultimately, you need to let her know that it’s time to grow up – having HK heads imprinted on your toast in the morning is not for a married couple 😉 Hope this helps…and sorry for the lengthy and most likely poorly organized response 😉 GOOD LUCK!

  21. July 31st 2013 is a long way, someone has comitment issues… 3+ years to get married? That’s insane.. is that normal? Wow… idk…

    But its her day let her have her wedding, you know what though you should get legally married before you have a wedding, if either of you don’t go thru with it you won’t waste all that money…

    And she’s going to buy apliances? WHY… DON’T 0EOPLE do gift registrys anymore? Get registered like @ the hello kitty website w/e it may be I’m almost certain you can do this… have people buy u crap instead… lol..

    I know I will find the perfect girl when she suggests we get registered at gamestop or something of equal kewlness

  22. Ugh, disgusting. for a start, that folder was like, what, $5 from whsmith, you coud do better. x.x
    secondly, the wedding is supposed to be about TOGETHERNESS. EQUALITY. Not hello kitty. she is marrying hte man, not hello kitty, in marriage, there is also sacrifice as well. if she knows that hello kitty will bring hell to the wedding, she should comprimise. Let her have a little hello kitty badge, oor one of the snacks at the tale to be hello kitty cupcakes, but not a main part of the wedding, that way, she gets the thing that seems ot be a part of her life in, and everyone else doesnt have to puke on the cake.

  23. are you for real? your talking about a toaster or clock in your kitchen….who cares? don’t use them….as for the wedding….at the end of the day you’re still married isn’t that the important part?

  24. I think the fiance should remain LOVING Hello Kitty and doin whatever she wants with it! She loved Hello Kitty BEFORE you and will love it AFTER you. I’m sure you knew about her Hello Kitty fever before you proposed. So I’d say GET USED TO IT! You keep nagging at her about it, you will be divorced soon. Just deal with it.

  25. I love HK, I have a sticker on the back of my car, and my husband as a HK debit card. However, There is no HK in my house, besides what my kids may have & use (I have a 6 year old, and 12 year old daugther). It’s a normal home, with normal things in it. I thought it was bad enough he had to tote around the HK debit card and use it in public. To compensate this he drew her into a zombie using sharpie markers, and added things like a handle-bar mustache, a top hat, and an eye patch. And he now wears it proudly. Hahahahha… There was no HK at our wedding either. We even had a halloween wedding, and still no HK. There’s ways to do things and not have it take over your life… good things in moderation though. 😛 Good luck to you! I think they need to see a professional before they get married though so Emma understands that the world can’t revolve around her, if she’s to get married to another person, she needs to respect and understand that person’s feelings and emotions as well. And he needs to let her have SOME, but not necessarily let it take over. 🙂

  26. Heheh… Wedding didn’t go ahead and he is going to be marrying someone else (She was cheating and definitely crazy.)


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