Hello Kitty Halloween Nails

You know it’s going to be an extraordinarily terrible holiday season when it begins with Hello Kitty nails being made worse than all the examples already out there (something that any normal person would assume would be impossible). Then again, one thing I have learned over the years is to never underestimate how bad Hello Kitty can make things, especially when you believe you have seen the worst. Thus, it should be of little surprise that someone thought that Hello Kitty Halloween nails would be a good idea:

hello kitty Halloween nails

Of course, if the intent is to scare the crap out of all those that come around, I guess I have to admit that they are rather effective. Who can’t image the worst of the worrs horror movie icons being just that more terrifying with a Hello Kitty Halloween manicure? I’m sure that I will continue to have nightmares about them for far too many times in the months to come…

Sent in by PinkVelvetDream

Update: A terrible idea continued

Hello Kitty ghost and pumpkin nails

Sent in by sezwho

Hello Kitty black cat and pumpkin Halloween finger nail art

Sent in by millie

Halloween finger nails

Sent in by Orrie

5 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Halloween Nails”

  1. I like your nails. Screw what everyone else says people dont understand that other people have there own styles so screw em u keep on getting them hello kitty nails done…and I dont care what other people think about what i say either so dont even bother commenting on what i say PEACE N HAIR GREASE

  2. I love the idea of decorating your nails, but the hands on this woman appear to be quite aged and extremely distracting. Aged looking hands are usually the first clue as to how old you really are regardless if women use fillers or have done surgury on thier faces. Madonna is a perfect example of this. Young women, take heed, you must concentrate on keeping your hands moisturized, wear gloves when cleaning, and use spf. That way, your hands would be in better condition to properly display such youthful and whimsical nail designs if you want, and your hands won’t be a giveaway to your age.


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