Hello Kitty Pumpkin Horror

Let the Hello Kitty Halloween deluge begin. It wasn’t even a possibility that the Halloween horror would stop with the Hello Kitty Halloween nails. Even though there have been plenty of Hello Kitty pumpkins (oh, yes, there are more) sent in, Hello Kitty fanatics only care about their own (and somehow feel it is important to tell me in great detail about how great their particular Hello Kitty pumpkin is as if I would be the one human being in the world that would care in even the least little bit…) This is certainly not a good omen with two weeks still to go:

hello kitty pumpkin Dracula

hello kitty witch pumpkin

Sent in by Susan

hello kitty face pumpkins

Sent in by Kiz

One can only hope that all Hello Kitty Halloween pumpkins eventually get put out of their misery (seriously, you know that pumpkins in the pumpkin patches are all screaming with horror at what is in store for them when they see someone with Hello Kitty gear stop and look them over) and end up like this.

8 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pumpkin Horror”

  1. I absolutely LOVE these pumpkins!!!! They definitely brought a smile to my face. Congrats to both Susan and Kiz! You both gave me some great ideas 🙂


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