Hello Kitty Moped

Simply knowing that there are Hello Kitty scooters (as well as Hello Kitty motorcycles and Hello Kitty helmets), was there ever really a doubt that a Hello Kitty moped existed?

hello kitty moped

hello kitty pink moped

I guess this is useful if you don’t want anyone to steal your moped because nobody in their right mind would ever want to be caught with something as hideous as this. Then again, you would also have to accept the carnage of wrecks you are likely to cause with so many people trying to get as far away as fast as possible from it without regard to others (think stampede at a crowded stadium) when it is seen on the streets. No doubt that Hello Kitty biker girls will adopt the Hello Kitty moped into their mode of transportation — or even worse, my wife will decide that this is something that we need. One more thing to fear in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Kemi (via stoke gallery)

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Moped”

  1. I think this is cute, but this shade of pink reminds me a bit of Pepto Bismal. Personally, I’d really love to get a Vespa in either a hot pink or a shimmery black and have some really cute HK stuff on it.

  2. Don’t worry Mr HKH… I’ve got your back… I would love to find this so called bike (or rather completely emasculated motorcycle) and set it on fire… would be great to watch with some marshmallows to roast!


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