Hello Kitty Reebok Plush Shoes

Every time it gets to the point where I believe that things can never get worse, the evil feline makes sure to let me know that Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse. It is distressing (and more than a little disturbing) that I still have people asking me where they can find Hello Kitty Converse shoes 4 years after first posting about them (not to mention Hello Kitty fanatics wishing me dead for refusing to tell them where my wife got them).

Once the people at Sanrio saw all the fuss these were causing, they decided that Hello Kitty x shoes was an impossible to lose combination which lead to unfortunate creations such as Hello Kitty Asics shoes, Hello Kitty Reebok shoes and Hello Kitty Nike shoes (not to mention Hello Kitty bowling shoes and Hello Kitty heels)

Any normal person would imagine that Sanrio had fully exploited this combo, but it now appears that they have just started by adding another horrifying aspect to the mix. Instead of leaving bad enough alone at Hello Kitty x Reebok, the powers driving Hello Kitty Hell decided that to really torture most of us, a Hello Kitty x Reebok x plush combination was somehow a good idea:

hello kitty plush Reebok shoes

hello kitty Reebok plush sneakers

hello kitty Reebok plush shoes

hello kitty plush Reebok sneakers

hello kitty plush shoes

If anyone ever sees a Hello Kitty fanatic wearing a apir of these on the street, feel free to put their significant other out of his misery because there is no doubt that is the only thing that he is desperately hoping for with every step he takes together with her…

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31 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Reebok Plush Shoes”

  1. Oh my God, these are the worst things I have ever seen in my life. I thought Uggs were bad but no, this takes the cake.

    Wow, I hate Hello Kitty even more now.

  2. These look so comfy but impratical at the same time. The white and pink pair would get dirty so fast! The black pair is doable minus the bow. Sometimes, I think it’s just nice to have a HK item w/o it screaming HK you know.

  3. I think I prefer the subtlety of Converse X Dr. Seuss collection over Reebok’s overtly flamboyant Hello Kitty design. Pony’s Hello Kitty collection was better in my opinion.

  4. Hello, I found your blog via crunchyroll, and even as a Hello Kitty fan, I still think that anyone who lives with this junk really is in hell. Those look really tacky to me. o.o I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. You can shoot me with a Hello Kitty gun for liking the Converse trainers though.

  5. I love HK, but these shoes are hideous. Since they’re plushy, can you imagine how they will look after wearing them a few times? Nasty!


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