Hello Kitty Shitty

While having nothing with the evil feline arrive in my email box would be ideal, it has become far too apparent that this isn’t going to ever happen. With this fact in mind, I guess I can consider it a good start to the week when someone accurately depicts what Hello Kitty is full of:

hello kitty shitty

Of course, all the Hello Kitty fanatics are going to claim this is impossible because Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth, but we all know that this still doesn’t negate the accuracy of this image. Now if she would just pick up what she just deposited and use it as her bow — ah, what one wishes for when they live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Greg (via Danny Lawless)

Update: Did you really think this would be the end of this? Now we have to decide which is correct, brown or pink:

Hello Kitty pink waste

Left on facebook by Tess and Ulrike (via bbc video @1:35)

And some Hello Kitty crap grafitti:

hello kitty crap grafitti

Sent in by Jason via dryasadingo

31 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Shitty”

  1. Thats just nasty and juvenile. I hate what moder society done to art.

    May Mr. HKH be marooned on a deserted Island with a pallet of Hello kitty pasta, a can opener and a dull rusty knife.

  2. Hello Kitty definitely has a mouth. She even had an official Sanrio Saturday morning cartoon in the early 80’s and spoke all her lines through a little animated mouth.

  3. OK, I know the who poo thing in Japan is considered good luck, you can even buy little golden poo coil charms and pendents. However, why, oh dear gods WHY did anyone think *this* was necessary to have in the world.

  4. yea everyone shits but to use it as a ‘form of art’ is stupid. Anyone who thinks shit is remotely cute is on some kind of illegal drug.

  5. I’m pretty sure the idea behind this is to take something cute and popular and make it doing something very not cute and disgusting and possibly offensive, just to be…well…offensive.

  6. thats nasty every1 knoes [only the big hello kitty fans like me n sum of my other friends] that ,that is way out of her league 2 b doin stuff like that n who ever thought that her pooping is funny has 2 b out their right mind of thinking that sumthing like that is funny

  7. This is fake if ya saw the other pictures it says that Sanrio made those stupid things only fake people do that also if you are a hello kitty fan you’ll know that is fake .


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