Hello Kitty Septic Tank

When we know that Hello Kitty toilets, Hello Kitty toilet paper, Hello Kitty toilet paper storage cabinets, Hello Kitty toilet signs, Hello Kitty toilet seats and Hello Kitty toilet dispensers all exist (and how can anyone forget the Hello Kitty urinal target— are we seeing a pattern here yet?), it really isn’t much of a stretch to image that those who love the evil feline would want a Hello Kitty septic tank:

Well, we all already knew (yes, even you Hello Kitty fanatics) what Hello Kitty was full of all this time — this simply confirms it…

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18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Septic Tank”

  1. This is typical Mr. Hello Kitty Hell. It should be his face on this because everyone knows he is the one that is full of it.

    He doesn’t care if it is real or not. He has no conscience and tries to make Hello Kitty look bad at every opportunity. He knows that it isn’t real, but tries to convince people that it is real because he has no class.

    But everyone is catching on to what a hypocrite you are!! Your baseless and made up photos are going to be called out every time now. How do you feel now?

  2. It’s funny, and the write-up is witty. Why does it matter so much to some of you whether it’s real or Fotochop? Did you forget to stand in the queue marked “Sense of Humour” when you were being created? 😀

  3. For one, Darlene, for the sake of us all, shut up. For two, yes it’s photoshopped, but it’s still hilarious, no matter how much I love Hello Kitty, I still find the anti-HK veiws hilariouse as well.

  4. Tisk Tisk, falling for another, be it bad, photoshop. Mr. HKH.

    May you be tossed into a pool of Hello Kitty plushies for all eternity. (scrub that idea it would be disrespectful to the plushies.)

    Welcome back Darlene

  5. Haha, this is funny! Not only because of the photo, but because of darlene making herself look even more like a troll 8 comments down!
    Anyway, I think it is photo-shopped but that doesn’t matter, the idea that someone thought of putting this together is laughable enough!

  6. Yet another HK product that your wife would never want to see used the way it was intended to be used (see HK toilet paper, HK pinata)


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