Hello Kitty Wedding Ring Tattoo

As difficult as it is to imagine, Hello Kitty fanatics have come up with a way to make even the Hello Kitty wedding ring look like it could be a good option. In their never ending drive to make every guy with even an ounce of sanity stay as far away as possible from them, a Hello Kitty fanatic somehow decided that a Hello Kitty finger tattoo in combination with the “always forever” sentiment of a Hello Kitty wedding ring would be a wonderful idea. Even more unfathomable, the Hello Kitty fanatic was able to convince her significant other that this idea wasn’t completely and utterly insane. Thus he has to live with the Hello Kitty wedding ring tattoo for eternity:

hello kitty wedding ring tattoo

My guess is that this poor soul was significantly Hello Kitty liquored up, Hello Kitty high as a kite or had a Hello Kitty shotgun pointing in his direction when this unfortunate ink art was created. No matter what the reason, one thing is perfectly clear — he will be suffering the rest of his life in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Katherine

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Wedding Ring Tattoo”

  1. I think a tattoo of Hello Kitty on your finder would be fine, I would actually consider it! But this….what happens if theyh get a divorce? This is almost as bad as getting each others names tattooed on them…

  2. Even if they were to get a divorce or were seperated, it doesn’t seem too significant as to where you can’t pull it off as a solo tattoo.

    I think the fact that they got it together is cute but as for the tattoo itself…i can’t really say i like it. It’s plain and it doesn’t even seem HKish to me. That’s just my opinion of course. If they like it then good for them.

  3. What’s wrong with you?! What do you have against love?! These two people are in love and everyone knows that love is Hello Kitty and everyone want to be with Hello Kitty for eternity. Only you can’t see that!

    It’s no wonder you’re so bitter. Your heart must look like a shriveled raisin. Stop telling us your stupid and petty opinions. You just show what a horrible person you are and nobody cares!

  4. Darlene love isn’t Hello Kitty. If love were signified by something as basic, commercial and overrated as a cartoon cat this would be a sad place indeed.

    These tattoos could be worse, though. These seem more loke HK-based portraits of the two getting married, which to me doesn’t seem quite as inexcuseable. Doesn’t seem like the best decision to me, though.

  5. The guy must really want to please his new wife. I know my husband loves me, but there’s no way in hell I could ever get him to do this for me, not that I would want him to anyway. There are some things a husband shouldn’t be asked to do…

  6. I have to admit that my first thought was “what if they get divorced?”

    It’s a sweet idea & I hope these kids make it, but I would have put off getting tattoos until they’d been married for a few years. After all, Pamela Anderson had her wedding ring tattooed and we all know how that turned out… (In all fairness I doubt either of these people are like that couple, but I know that Pam and Kid Rock aren’t the only couple who did this and then split up.)

    Good luck though- it’s hard making a marriage work nowadays, so I hope you two do make it!


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