Worst Steve Jobs Tribute Ever

Sometimes I forget that Hello Kitty looks at every event that makes the news as an opportunity to promote herself no matter how utterly distasteful doing so may be. A perfect example of this is the evil feline’s decision to create a Hello Kitty Steve Jobs as a memorial tribute as if anyone (besides the fanatics) could ever view this as something positive. See for yourself:

Worst Steve Jobs memorial tribute ever by Hello Kitty and Sanrio

What’s probably most ironic is that while many other computer companies were more than willing to cover their computers and other gadgets with Hello Kitty, I can’t think of anyone who could ever imagine Steve Jobs allowing this type of gimmick to occur to any Apple product. You know that Hello Kitty probably begged and begged to produce any limited edition Apple product and was spurned time and again. So having failed while he was alive, they immediately turn him into Hello Kitty upon his death when he can no longer defend himself. I’m not sure I can think of many things that are quite as Hello Kitty Hellish as that…

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16 thoughts on “Worst Steve Jobs Tribute Ever”

  1. Hello Kitty is for beginning kitty lovers. After the initial “pink kitty love” wears off… get the cat facts for real. Cats kiss with their eyes. Have you ever noticed??

  2. I think this was very cute and was done in the most tasteful way Sanrio could create. With that said, would he be rolling in his grave, maybe b/c he was such a control freak about his image, but there were far worse memorials done in the days after Steve Jobs passed away. So long as Sanrio did this w/no intention on making any money off of this memorial of him, I don’t see it as being a problem.

  3. 1. This was actually done by LoungeFly, not Sanrio.

    2. It was a kind thing to do. It was for Steve, and also for the fans of Hello Kitty who are also Apple fans.

    3. I don’t think Steven would complain.

    4… What the Hell are you talking about? There were sooooooooo many Apple products with Hello Kitty on them… In fact, one of the most popular theme covers for Apple products(iPods and iPhones mostly) was Hello Kitty…

    Instead of complaining about how tasteless you think that it is, you could, at least, appreciate that a company took some precious time to dedicate something kind to somebody who changed the world that we live in for the better, and didn’t just write on a Facebook page saying “RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011”

  4. Steve jobs wasn’t that great…seriously. Stop putting this guy on a damned silver platter. His crap is overly priced and easily duplicated. So someone slapped hello kitty in jeans and a grey tshirt. I’m still not buying his crap..

  5. Although everybody is entitled to their own opinions, I can’t agree with KittyKhaos on the matter that Apple products are overpriced. They’re actually extremely cheap.


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