Hello Kitty Bethenny Frankel

It’s obvious that Hello Kitty wants anyone and everyone to promote her, even if it’s a D-List TV personality wearing an age inappropriate costume. I could go on and on about what a sad train wreck the Bethenny Frankel Hello Kitty costume is, but a couple of photos will do that so much better:

Hello Kitty Bethenny Frankel Halloween costume

Bethenny Frankel Hello Kitty Halloween costume

Just one more reason I can’t wait for this holiday to be over…

Sent in by Norma

11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bethenny Frankel”

  1. I had to Wikipedia her! She’s actually 40, not 35, and manages to look older than I do at 49!! Ok, she’s slimmer, but she’s actively wrinkly.

  2. Last year I wore a similar costume in LA and I almost got to be on TV. I am 47 but I look alot younger so I got away with it! I wore it in Disneyland for Halloween! I didn’t wear the Hooker shoes though.

  3. Ummm sometimes women need to know what’s age appropriate when it comes to dressing up as HK for Halloween. Bethany Frankel only makes herself look SOOOO OLD in this getup! Someone should have been a good friend/husband/neighbor/good samaratain and pulled her aside to tell her so….

  4. This chick looks older than Jesus…what is she 70? I can’t believe someone let her go out like this. I wouldn’t even let my kid wear this…(and I don’t have kids)


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