Periodic Table

As if science isn’t having enough trouble in schools, fanatics somehow thought this would be a good idea — the Hello Kitty periodic table:

Hello Kitty periodic table

Of course, the truly scary part of this is that it’s not beyond comprehension that one day all periodic tables in schools may look like this, which tells me that I have definitely been in Hello Kitty Hell far too long…

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11 thoughts on “Periodic Table”

  1. This is so nearly actually good; if they’d only made the effort to lay it out with all the elements in the correct Periods, including putting the Lanthanides and Actinides outside the main table, if could have been clever rather than a POS!

  2. uhh…….. the level of mindrape is epic kind of like justin bieber fans but worse because teeny boppers dont know the periodic table yet.

  3. If there was a really good version of this while I was in HS, I might have been more interested in learning the periodic table, lol!

  4. As a scientist, and the daughter of a scientist, I think that this is actually very well done. Especially considering that it was probably done by a little girl.


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