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I debated whether or not I should post this, but I decided that if the fanatics here find something to focus on rather than this blog, that can never be a bad thing. Apparently, someone thought that it would be a good idea to make a documentary film about Hello Kitty fanatics (obviously someone that has never really had to spend much time with them in the past). I assume it’s going to be marketed as some type of real life horror film. Either that or it was special requested by the Department of Homeland Security to be used as the ultimate weapon to obtain confessions from suspected terrorists. Either way, it’s not going to be pretty and there will obviously be an unsuspecting film crew that will end up being scarred far deeper than they ever imagined for the rest of their lives.

hello kitty sanrio documentary film

Although they have requested that I help, I would much rather jump into a shallow pool of piranha that haven’t eaten for several months since that would be a lot more enjoyable and far less painful. Since they evidently want to experience the worst that this world has to offer, I figured that letting any fanatics reading this blog could obsess to them instead, thus giving me a slight reprieve from Hello Kitty Hell. This is what they wrote:

Let’s first say, your Hello Kitty Hell website is amazing. Secondly, I’m not an obsessed Hello Kitty fan, but I am a researcher/producer working on a documentary about Hello Kitty fanatics. Your website has become a great source of information for me, there’s some real gems! By that, I mostly mean the crazy people who are willing to scar, sunburn, brand and/or tattoo themselves with the Hello Kitty image, and that’s just to start with.

We’re going to be shooting in Japan, Hawaii, and all over the US in the next few months and would really like to interview you. Are you interested? I’m also curious if I could pick your brain for some of the sources on some of your posts? For example, the nightmarish goth-looking girl with the bow tattoo on her forehead, we’d really like to find her.

Please feel free to ask me as many questions about this project as you’d like. Essentially, it’s a feature film documentary about Hello Kitty and specifically focuses on the crazy strange obsessions of her fans.

Thanks for your time,

TC Contact

Since there are obviously no shortage of “crazy, strange, obsessed” fanatics, that for some unknown reason feel compelled to visit this site regularly, I’m sure that Trina will love for you to show her how bad it truly gets and make sure that the horror/torture film becomes as potent as possible…

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  1. You should allow this person to meet and interview you….you should contribute as much as possible to their documentary/film….

  2. dear kitty hater,i luv kitty,she is my friend several years ago,im not obssesed with her but unavoidable she fills your life and slowly u get into an addict,i would love to see a documentary about hk fans and i would enjoy a lot to know you,your thoughts in that documentary,and i die to know why the weirdo girl/guy got the bow tattoo,im about to get one also,not in forehead,maybe in the back (littleone),here in hawaii and in japan everything is hk,the evil feline rules hawaii and jp! kisses for you!

  3. Wow, I know ur wife must be excited!! Wow, I wish I had a chance cuz my husband feels the same as you but deals with it because if…thats love. I was surprised I got away with a Hello Kitty wedding!! Hope u do it and thanks for all the infor u give us HK crazy people…lol

  4. Actually, MR HKH you will do fine. As a furry, I can say most of the time the outside the group, independent produced, documentaries are a form of atrocity tourism, making the focus part of a freak show. Examples of bad press we furries got was the episode on National Geographic Taboo, My strange addiction and Tara Banks show. Hello Kitty fans do not need the freak show treatment. Unless blessed by Sanrio Inc, I say run away run far away.

  5. I can’t imagine how long your wife would force you to sleep on the couch if you ever dared to be part of a documentary bad mouthing the ways of hello kitty lunatics.

  6. I think this documentary would be quite entertaining and I think both you and your wife could really contribute to it too! A good documentary shows both sides of the coin and I would love to see your contribution to the film. If this actually gets made, I’d be very interested in seeing it 🙂

  7. If they’re looking for Hello kitty fanatics surely they should visit Hong Kong :/ Can’t wait to see it though :3

  8. As someone who works in the media field, and who reads this blog for the sheer joy of your commentary on the atrocities, I would like to assure you that films such as this are not made for HK fans, but rather for outsiders to gawk and marvel at. If anything, the film probably serves a similar purpose as your blog – showing the horror of HK fanaticism, and, if they do it really well, fig into the psychological causes of it
    I think your angle as someone who is married to a fan is extremely valuable, and it would be great if you actually know where some of those people are and can help the crew locate them. Maybe even interest your wife in it – it might do her good, seeing her obsession accompanied by critical commentary.

  9. I would happily give them all the information I know, if they were doing this in england. xD

    Brits are known for being alternative and freaky in a scary way.
    There’s no shortage of women with hellokitty burns, bruises, and tatoos here.

  10. I think you should do it if not I hope they interview your wife I ‘ve wanted to see her entire collection for years I love this blog and HK (sorry :p)

  11. Despite the fact that their email to you makes it plain that they are just looking for “rejects” obsessed w/ Japanese toys to make fun of for a documentary, their flier is pretty damn misleading.

    They’re expecting people to be idiots who go nuts the second they see Sanrio & not actually pay attention to the fact that this isn’t actually sanctioned by Sanrio (“Sanrio Wants You”) but is in fact an attempt to lure the freaks in.

    HKH is smart to simply only put it up & wash his hands beyond that b/c, inevitably, someone’s going to wind up suing. This is making it sound like you simply want to share your story…but it’s going to be “look at the losers on parade”.

    Sanrio isn’t stupid enough to lure out the truly fanatical, they don’t need to, they know how to advertise. Anyone who goes from this & actually helps this documentary along needs to be prepared for the whammy that’s coming behind it. Unless you’re so desperate for 15min of fame that shame isn’t actually a part of your though process.

    In that case, good luck.

    & someone really should warn this enterprise that if they don’t have the backing of Sanrio & it gets ugly…they should dance cautiously when using Sanrio’s name the way they do in the flier.

  12. @ sheila….you couldn’t be more wrong. This is in fact a partnership endeavor between Sanrio, RRock, and pressure point. This is the exact same partnership that hosted Sanrios 50th anniversary art exhibit and celebration in Miami basel. Sanrio is very much aware and a part of this film and you should not make such comments to mislead anyone, especially when you haven’t even taken the time to research the facts.

  13. @candyfiend Then I’ll just continue to shake my head that anyone would be ok w/ a documentary where they seem more focused on finding the “freaks” than the fans who have actual stories.

    By the way, welcome to the internet.

  14. @sheila……thatta girl……..way to go in admitting your wrong….what a good sport……of course they are looking for the extremists,….that is exactly what they are looking for… know, that whole super fan kind of thing they already mentioned…you can call them freaks, but unless you have already seen some interviews, which you haven’t, you can’t make the call whether they are “actual” stories or not….

  15. @Candyfiend Condescension works better with grammar & spelling.

    The email states wantiing the weird & freakish, the flyer plays nice. Which was meant for public consumption? (Hint, it’s not the email) I find it another attempt to humiliate & exploit the most extreme fans in a cheap ploy for attention through viral video-esque controversy.

    Which you essentially have agreed to. Are you supposed to be defending the project? Don’t bother, I don’t actually care enough.

  16. They are coming to my house to film in June. I am very excited. So is Hello Axl my Hello Kitty Axl Rose tattoo.
    Hello Axl is very proud of being named worst tattoo of the year for 2011 by metal-insider.

  17. Annie….that is very cool, and I have always wondered who was the proud owner of Hello Axl, as I have seen that cool tat a few times on the net….I had an interview with them as well just 2 weeks ago, and I will tell you that the filming crew is a very cool bunch of people, and are really nice. There is a Japanese girl that is with them and is extremely cute and adorable….she is an expert on Sanrio items, and was able to instantly identify my most rare and unusual pieces…..
    I just wish I hadn’t been awake for several days when the interview went down, but its all good….reality makes for the best in documentaries….
    Did they interview you yet?
    And congratulations on worst tattoo of the year…!!!


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