Drug Pipe

The evil feline seems determined to place herself in the center of drug culture because, let’s face it, there is absolutely no place the evil feline isn’t willing to go to make a buck. With Hello Kitty cocaine (and cocaine straw), Hello Kitty bong (and hk x LV bong), and Hello Kitty ecstasy you knew that there would be Hello Kitty pipes out there:

Hello Kitty pot pipe

Hello Kitty pipe

I guess we can feel somewhat relieved that these didn’t try to top the Hello Kitty Butthead pipe, but the reality is that this is simply another step into the depths of Hello Kitty hell…

Photos sent in by Chelsea and valerie

17 thoughts on “Drug Pipe”

  1. HAHAHA!! I love hello kitty & this is funny as hell. Sad thing is, I’d probably own this if I can get my hands on it and my boyfriend would bow his head into his palms & nod side to side at my weakness. Lol

  2. @Liz: Actually, a lot of people make these. They make them for the novelty of them and sell them for big big bucks at events/gatherings. I’ve seen anything from normal, to Super Mario Brothers, and even to Dora the Explorer.

  3. I would do alomst anything to posses the pipe in the bottom photo. My friend sent me a picture of one that looked almost exactly like it, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. How can I find one like it?


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