It’s official. Even in death, I will be living in Hello Kitty Hell. It was simply a matter of time before the people at Sanrio realized that their fan base was getting old and beginning to die off. You could see the beginnings of this with the Hello Kitty tombstone, so you knew that the next logical step was to begin producing Hello Kitty coffins:

hello kitty coffin

And a Hello Kitty pet coffin just in case (you know that these cats and dogs are not happy about this development)

hello kitty pet coffin

The obvious consequences of this are that when I die, I will likely be buried in a Hello Kitty coffin with Hello Kitty flowers placed on top and a Hello Kitty headstone. The evil feline isn’t going to even let me rot in peace (and I don’t even want to imagine the zombies that will emerge from these in the future…)

Sent in by a number of different readers who obviously deserve to be buried alive in one of these for ever thinking it would be a good idea to send them to me…

15 thoughts on “Coffin”

  1. wow… I never would have said this…but this MIGHT be pushing it a little. I mean, for a little girl this is sooooo cute, but should it be? I mean, a coffin! really? wow…. lol

  2. Funny that just the other day there was Hello Kitty as Kiss and now she’s gotten into the coffin merchandising act as well. I think we see where this is going.

  3. Acton…you are right…. Coffins have not been shaped like that since the days of dracula….that is so fake….look at the dirt cut around it is also shaped that way.

  4. Actually, that’s not the case. Coffins in this shape ARE still commonly used in Europe.


    The weirdest thing about this article is that I am currently writing a story in which one of my main characters is someone who actually has a Hello Kitty coffin that looks like the one on the top–and this was a story I started writing a year ago.

  5. If KISS can have coffins, then so can Hello Kitty. I’m not saying it’s right or even cool, but hey, if that’s what you want to be buried in, that’s on you. If there wasn’t a market for it, it wouldn’t exsist…

  6. this stuff look real and a little bit fake i dont noooooo but just noo this im going to be buried in one but prettier than those cause im going to be famous!!!

  7. I always told my folks that if I should shuffle off this mortal coil a wee bit too soon (knock on wood that that doesn’t happen any time soon), I wanted my family to bury me in 1 of these. Why? Because when I go my family & friends will be sad. But when they see the pink lid close & that fat white-headed cat w/ the black button eyes, the pink bow, the yellow nose & no mouth, they’ll start to laugh. & Then they’ll say, “That’s our Robyn!” Always leave them w/ a laugh! Ha!


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