It’s bad enough that the evil feline feels it’s necessary to brand anything and everything that is new, but one of the more hideous habits she has is taking old school stuff and making it appear that someone vomited pink all over it. That is exactly what happens when someone decides to create a Hello Kitty typewriter:

hello kitty typewriter

One has to wonder what the typewriter ever did to deserve such intense humiliation. Even as an inanimate object, it’s not hard to feel sorry about the pain it must being going through (Hello Kitty has the way of causing pain to all things). It’s sad when you find yourself in a position worse than being left at a dump heading for an incinerator, a state that few beyond the cat with no mouth are able to achieve. Yet she seems to achieve this far too often with far too many items, further proof that her ultimate goal is to have us all living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Anna.

8 thoughts on “Typewriter”

  1. LOVE your blog. I was posting a story today on the new Tamagotchi app (yes, it’s true) and I made a Hello Kitty reference in the copy. I usually like to create hyperlinks to random, fun words in my posts so I intended to link “Hello Kitty” to the Wikipedia enntry…until I found KITTY HELL!! Thanks for making a fun link and I know anyone who clicks on it in my post will be very happy to find your blog. Great work!

  2. Really? A typewriter? I think maybe 1% of the population uses typewriters. Hello Kitty truly does not know what else to brand herself on these days!


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