We are already well aware that the cat with no mouth tends to go a bit overboard in her decorations. For those that have any doubt, just take a look at what she does to phones and nails. Only in the world of the evil feline does it somehow make sense that the way to block the sun while wearing glasses is to fill those glasses with so much bling that the sun can’t get through them. The obvious fact that it also means that you can’t see crap out of them yourself apparently doesn’t seem to be an issue of much concern which is perfectly illustrated with these Hello Kitty sunglasses:

hello kitty sunglasses

hello kitty sun glasses

Of course, the sun reflecting off those monstrosities is bound to literally blind everyone else in the area. Although this may at first appear to be a horrible defect with the glasses, it’s actually a show of kindness as it’s far less painful than having to actually see these. You know that these are Hello Kitty Hell worthy when blindness is not only acceptable, but the preferable course of action…

Sent in by far too many people with way too much time on their hands…

7 thoughts on “Sunglasses”

  1. You know I am a male fan of Hello / Kitty all thees years, still I find thees stick on crystal / bling kits (Hello Kitty or not) the tacky bane of Hello Kitty fandom and crafting.
    They are too cluttered

    No curses for you this time Mr. Hello Kitty Hell; my condolences for having to be exposed to such tackiness.

  2. That is TOO MUCH bling for me! What’s with the spiky metal on the side. I know it’s been fashionable to wear them as earrings or whatever but it doesn’t match at all and looks out of place.

  3. There were Hello Kitty sunglasses with pink lenses in a Mickey D’s Happy Meal a few years back. I sent them to God knows where in a Shoebox Gift for Samaritan’s Purse!!! I would have kept them if they’d have fit.

    But I want a pair of these. I wear my sunglasses like a tiara anyway, and these would be a hoot!!!


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