In her never-ending quest to never leave even the things she does which are horribly wrong alone, the evil feline once again is taking her money-grubbing paws to a new level. While the world cringed with the launch of Hello Kitty x Kiss and assumed that this combination had reached its ultimate low with the Hello Kitty KISS toilet paper, we once again failed to realize that the depths of Hello Kitty Hell can always go deeper — much, much deeper. With this in mind, the masses can look forward to being tortured with KISS Hello Kitty the TV cartoon show (seriously, you can’t make this stuff up)

Hello Kitty KISS TV show

The show is being produced for The Hub which will follow four Hello Kitty characters who are out to live the rockstar dream (we know, that food that you just consumed is making its way back up — we’re sorry…) Supposedly Gene Simmons will be acting as the executive producer for the show, further ensuring that this will be something that you can’t unsee no matter how much you want to. My advice is to start looking for a cave to make you home, because living in a cave would be a lot less difficult than having to live with your mind after seeing something like this…

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15 thoughts on “KISS TV Show”

  1. I know the wild success by the hub of My little Pony Friendship is Magic and the unlikely fan group of male teens and adults (14 to 30 years old) better known as bronies. In addition it is not lost on me Sanrio is tiring to make inroads into the men market with the KISS x Hello Kitty and Street Fighter X Hello Kitty collaboration.

    I see the new series as Sanrio’s brony play, which is not a bad thing. Unlike Hasbro, Sanrio want the Young Men’s market.

    Kiss seems to be an odd choice, I would go with rebooting Hello Kitty and Friends in the same way My Little Pony. More telling if this is a brony play if Lauren Faust is brought on as a producer.

    Think of this: thousands of new male hello kitty fans, Kitty conventions big as Bronycon NY. Sleep tight MR HKH.

    • I completely agree!!! Bronies will go after this like a moth to a flame. I’m sure a few younger girls will watch this, but yeah, this is marketed to a very specific group and those young men will be the ones watching and spending their dollars on this travesty aka merchandise, lol!

      As a huge HK fan, I just wished that Sanrio would offer a show targeted towards toddlers, like my daughter. She LOVES HK and I would let her watch a HK show IF it was educational. But this KISS X HK crap would scare the diapers off of her…

      • I have to confess I was being nice : The old fundamentalist (long sense becoming reformed and anglican) in me still cringe because of KIss’s hard party persona. How can be a match with Hello Kitty?

        I guess you have to stick to older DVD for now.

        Even if this show falls flat I still hoe it can be a stepping stone for Sario to the male market. I hope if not just Hello Kitty it can expose other charter like Batz Maru, Dear Daniel and Chococat to the male market

  2. I wouldn’t buy anything Hello Kitty mixed with KISS cuz I hate KISS and they are ruining Hello Kitty for me (I kinda like Hello Kitty stuff but wouldn’t own a house full of it)! KISS needs to stop the madness! Stay away from Hello Kitty Gene Simmons!

  3. The word kiss… Shape of double letters “s” uses the graphic symbol of SS, the Schutzstaffel – private army of German Nazi Party which played pivotal role in the Holocaust and in murdering 1/3 of the whole population of my country during the II World War. It’s so disgusting…

    • That’s is so untrue about kiss being nazis. GENE SIMMONS IS JEWISH! They obviously wouldn’t use a Nazi symbol because that makes no sense.

      • Untrue? Just compare the shape of the letters
        “S” in the word “kiss” at the photo in this article with Nazis’ SS logo (f.e. here: // It’s obviously way too similar to deny my point.

        If the author of this graphic is a Jew, he must have received extremely poor education (of course not every Jew cares enough about the Shoah). Not to mention many Asians, especially ignorant youth, consider Hitler a great ruler and conqueror on par with Qin Shi Huang or Genghis Khan.

      • To make my point more clear, I don’t think they are Nazis and this way express their sympathy towards Hitler. But they do use Nazi-related symbolism, probably because “it looks cool”. And I think such ignorance and indifference towards victims of the II World War is even worse…

        • Actually Gene and Paul (also Jewish) are
          quite sensitive on the topic. Gene’s mother
          escaped one of the camps, and he was born and spent a part of his childhood in Israel.
          In Germany all Kiss logos are only permitted to use real ‘S’es because of the resemblance, but they are different.
          I think their idea was to steal the lightning strike S away from the Nazis, so people
          would learn over time to think of a silly rock band instead of the scourge of humanity. Change the meaning of the
          symbol and it loses it’s evil power.


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