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It has become abundantly apparent that the evil feline (ironically, with no mouth) has quite the oral fixation. With that fact being confirmed time and again, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise (but it doesn’t keep us from cringing all the same) that someone else would think it was a good idea to get a Hello Kitty tooth placed in her mouth:

Hello Kitty crown tooth

Hello Kitty tooth

You have to feel deep and unrelenting pity for those who know a Kitty fanatic that would do something like this since she undoubtedly opens her mouth far too often to show anyone and everyone what she has in her mouth (that fact that she insisted on photos of it inside her mouth pretty much guarantees that she will want all to know about it). if there ever was a reason for a crown to want to self-destruct, this would seem to be the perfect reason…

Sent in by Marylou who wrote, “When I went to my dentist to have my temporary dental crown replaced with the permanent one, he had a surprise for me. He knows I’m a Hello Kitty fan so he had the feline’s picture put on the inside of the crown. I love it!”

5 thoughts on “Tooth Crown”

  1. What in the? You wanna have Hello Kitty on your tooth for the rest of your life? When you’re an old woman you wanna smile and have everyone see Hello Kitty on your tooth?

    Poor crown.

  2. Haters gonna hate…who cares when she’s an old woman and everyone see the Hello Kitty on her tooth? It’s just as the same question when you’ve got a lot of tattoos; What if you’re old? I’m still gonna have those tattoos and be freakin’ fabulous…duuuh!

  3. This HK crown looks far better than most of the HK tattoos we’ve seen on this site. While I don’t THINK I’d do this, I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world, especially if you’ve a true fan of HK. It appears to be quite far back in the mouth and one would have to quite close up while this woman has her mouth WIDE open to actually see the HK imprint, so IMHO, I don’t think it’s that bad or the worst way to permanently put HK on your body.

  4. I love this! I have a pale purple crown with a teensy tiny mouse-sized paw print on it (I’m a vegan and I also do animal rescue, so it’s representative of something very important to me.) Mine is on the outside of the tooth, but it’s way at the back, so it only shows if I actually pull the corner of my mouth back with my finger. It’s fun knowing it’s there, though, and I like showing it off now and then. 🙂 It’s neat to see someone else’s tooth art!


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