Princess Tiara

When you think about the evil feline, things don’t get much worse than the things that she brands for weddings. From engagement and wedding rings to wedding dresses (with almost every type of accessory in between), you knew that there was no way that she could resist making the bride the object of hideousness by providing the one wedding accessory that would make her look ridiculous. Since Miss Kitty knows that no true fan would dare walk down the aisle without wearing a $30,000 platinum Hello Kitty princess tiara on her head (and that they would also be willing to pay that much for it), she created one:

hello kitty tiara

Seriously, this thing exists. And while the vast majority of those of us who are sane are simply staring at it saying “wtf?” to ourselves, there are legions of fanatics drooling like Saint Bernards with a bowl full of dog biscuits in front of them. While anyone with even an ounce of common sense should have run far, far away from their significant other long before this was even suggested to be a good idea as part of a wedding, those that have a person in their life who wants to wear one of these is guaranteed to live a life of extreme Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by far too many readers…

You knew that there would be more than one:

Hello Kitty ruby peal tiara

Hello kitty inside ruby egg tiara

Sent in by HKGuy

4 thoughts on “Princess Tiara”

  1. Had this been made with cheaper materials, I would have totally worn this to my prom. In fact, I would wear it while washing the dishes too. But if money was no object to me, I’d purchase it and wear it everyday in my home and my daughter would wear it to her Sweet 16!

  2. I could definitely see…a little girl wearing this and maybe a teenager but an adult? Anyway I’m not gonna judge *shrugs*

    $30,000 though and it looks like that? I’d expect it to look fancier! Sorry Hello Kitty but you’re the queen of tackiness!

  3. Jess, you’re just jealous you’re never going to look like a princess or have a wedding EVER. not even once in your lifetime 😉


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