Chicken Reversible Plush

If there was ever any doubt that the people at Sanrio aren’t even trying anymore (and there really is no doubt at all), the latest Hello Kitty creation should even convince the most skeptical. It has become readily apparent that they know that no matter what they make, fanatics of the evil feline will buy it. Case in point, the Hello Kitty chicken reversible plush:

Hello Kitty chicken plush

Hello Kitty chicken reversible plush

Hello Kitty holding chicken

I would point out that this really makes no sense at all, but then nothing with HK on it really makes sense. The fact that someone at corporate headquarters had confidence that a reversible Hello Kitty chicken would be something that fanatics would buy (and management agreed) really puts into perspective how doomed we are as a race. It’s also a clear indication that things in Hello Kitty Hell aren’t going to be getting better anytime soon…

Sent in by far too many readers (via Everything Kawaii in the World)

16 thoughts on “Chicken Reversible Plush”

    • Agreed, this has been out for a while. Mr. HKH is REAL late on featuring this. This kind of toy has been around for years and tons of kids own these kind of pillows/dolls. And besides, this particular Sanrio toy is meant for toddlers, one that I would totally buy for my baby girl. In fact, I think I’ll be purchasing that right now…..

  1. You’re right about the people at Sanrio not even trying any more. All I see of Hello Kitty now is overpriced junk. In addition to the stuffed turkey, they also have a stuffed HK hamburger plush.

  2. I can’t believe this got so popular that it eventually left Tumblr. D:<

    I took these photos, by the way, and I don't mind them being used! It's just so crazy how popular it got, damn! Those are my mothers hands, and the photos were taken in a little boutique in downtown Glendale, Arizona. They toys may or may not be there still, I haven't returned in quite some time.

  3. So useless its funny. Like One Direction. But to my knowledge they are not reversable. The only use I can think of is as a turkey confuser. A turkey with a cats face on sure would confound the feathered jowly ones. And cats may not wish to eat it.

  4. I have this one!! We got it for my daughter who was born on Thanksgiving. But I agree, it’s ridiculously odd and gives me and my husband a good laugh whenever we play with it.


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