Wedding Shoes

It seems that fanatics, for some unfathomable reason, have a desperate need to completely ruin their weddings. Of course, one should realize that the entire affair is going to look like a train wreck when there is a Hello Kitty engagement ring and wedding ring involved. So, when cakes, dresses, and even tuxedos are all likely to be adorned with the evil feline, you know that someone is going to think it’s a good idea to have the wedding shoes plastered with the cat-with-no-mouth on them as well:

Hello Kitty bride shoes

The mere fact that Hello Kitty shoes exist at all is a pretty pathetic indication of where we as a species stand. If there were truly fairness and justice in this world, anyone who showed up with these on their wedding day (or even considered wearing them at any time during the entire wedding planning process) should be banned from getting married. But, then again, the evil feline would never exist is a fair and just world…

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  1. The shoes are really Awesome. I love hello kitty from my childhood days. I am like crazy about hello kitty. After seeing your blog i am very much happy and just want to buy this shoes as soon as possible.


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