Hello Kitty Weekly Photo Dump

For those of you that enjoy torturing yourself to no end, here are the photos from the last week that didn’t make the front page of the blog, but still will send shivers down your spine (just don’t do it – you’ll be much happier if you avoid these links and go for a long walk – you have been warned…)

Hello Kitty Porn Star Tera Patrick (sfw)
Hello Kitty Farmville
Hello Kitty Tattoo Promo
Hello Kitty Sushi Plush
Hello Kitty Gangster Car
Hello Kitty Telephone Booth
Hello Kitty Nori Cutter
Hello Kitty Skis (update)

See, I told you…

Hello Kitty Nori Cutter

My wife absolutely loves her mini collection of Hello Kitty nori (seaweed) cutters and uses them way too often. What they mean for me is that the evil feline ends up staring back at me on virtually every meal that I’m served and there is nothing that will ruin a meal faster than having Hello Kitty staring back at you…

Hello Kitty nori cutter

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