Hello Kitty Pumpkin Horror

Let the Hello Kitty Halloween deluge begin. It wasn’t even a possibility that the Halloween horror would stop with the Hello Kitty Halloween nails. Even though there have been plenty of Hello Kitty pumpkins (oh, yes, there are more) sent in, Hello Kitty fanatics only care about their own (and somehow feel it is important to tell me in great detail about how great their particular Hello Kitty pumpkin is as if I would be the one human being in the world that would care in even the least little bit…) This is certainly not a good omen with two weeks still to go:

hello kitty pumpkin Dracula

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Hello Kitty Jack-o-Lantern

It’s not like there was any surprise that this was coming. My wife loves to create Hello Kitty pumpkins and the fanatics out there have never had a problem sending me their Hello Kitty pumpkin carving creations to give my wife more ideas. I have the distinct feeling that I will be getting more to add whether I want them or not because Hello Kitty fanatics don’t understand the concept of “don’t share” and they seem to feel (for some unfathomable reason) it’s their duty to make my life all the more Hello Kitty Hellish.

Hello Kitty Jack-o-Lantern

Sent in by Alice

Hello Kitty 3D pumpkin

Sent in by Jessica

Hello Kitty bat bow pumpkin

From Shelly via Facebook

Hello Kitty skeleton pumpkin

Sent in by carmenkitty

Hello Kitty Jack-o-Lantern

Sent in by Gayla

Hello Kitty pumpkin carving

Sent in by hellokitty_luver

Hello Kitty Halloween jack-o-lantern

Sent in by Layla

Hello Kitty samurai pumpkin

Sent in by Ericka (“I thought someone might enjoy seeing an evil Hello Kitty with a katana that I made into a jack o lantern last night.”)

Hello Kitty pumpkin 2006

Hello Kitty pumpkin witch

Hello Kitty pumpkin jack-o-latern

Hello Kitty pumpkin face

Left by Kathryn via facebook — one for each of the last four years.

Hello Kitty jackolatern

Left by MSNikkiD via twitter

hello kitty pumpkin carving

Sent in by Kelsey