Hello Kitty Gold Pocket Calendar

Well, you can’t say that Sanrio doesn’t beat themes to death when they know that Hello kitty fanatics will line up to buy the most useless things. With Hello Kitty fanatics already purchasing the Hello Kitty gold business card, the Hello Kitty gold personal business card and even a set of Hello Kitty gold playing cards, how is a Hello Kitty fanatic to resist the Hello Kitty gold pocket calendar?

Hello Kitty gold calendar

Hello Kitty gold pocket calendar

Hello Kitty gold wallet calendar

The pocket calendar card is covered with 0.6 grams of 99.99% gold – who else but Hello Kitty would charge $57 (6,300 yen) for you to find out the date? Of course, you probably already know why this scares the hell out of me. With Sanrio’s current quest to cover everything you put into your purse with 99.99% gold, it shouldn’t be long before they apply this to the Hello Kitty condom and make a special set of them as well – and that really would be Hello Kitty Hell…

11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Gold Pocket Calendar”

  1. What is there to say? I sure wouldn’t be walking around with a gold calendar 😛 it would be a great invitation to all the robbers out there, or worse, to have all the other HK fanatics asking me all the time where I had got it 😛
    But do you really think they would to apply gold to the HK condoms? 😉 What kind of person would use that? Perhaps a Darlene kind of person 😛
    Has your wife purchased this calendar? 🙂

  2. I would purchase it … only because it had Hello Kitty’s face on it. But.. Gold is not my color. I am more of a Pink girl. xD

    Also I Sent HKH some pictures of my Razor! xD Well Its my razor I have on display in my room.. It has Hello kitty in a bathtub in the cover of the razor holder.

  3. Red, gold and green are mojo for Asians. The red symbolizes your blood/ health, the gold wealth, the green your environment. I am guessing part of the writing is in green.

    But even if it isn’t, this is a talisman.

  4. I didn’t think gold was such a big deal for Asians. I think gems like Jade and Ivory carvings were held a much higher level of sacredness, unless of course Buddha is covered in it. Maybe Sanrio is putting HK on the same level as Buddha!?!?! Can you imagine!

  5. Nothing made of gold should be disposable, completely useless. Much like the other things mentioned in the post! If it were made of just paper it might be useful! (As long as it’s not pink of course ;D)

  6. > Nothing made of gold should be disposable, completely useless.
    Well, you can recycle it as far as the item contains a good amount of Gold.

    As the card is made of 99.99% gold, so it is more like keeping a pure gold.
    (just more expensive than real pure gold)

  7. Achtung baby, I think it is modeled after lysee, Chinese New Year money envelopes, where one is given a gift of $ inside. I have seen many of these envelopes in Sanrio.

  8. Better a Rolex, expensive but gorgeous —-no wait, that would be stupid as well indeed…. dunno, i definitely prefer things than can be use and re-use …for more than a year ._.


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