Hello Kitty Halloween Costume V

And the Halloween Hello Kitty costumes keep coming:

Hello Kitty Halloween costume

With this note in the email:

haha enjoy this for your rants and raves!!! her name is candi kaboom…and her hobbies include dressing up like hello kitty!!!

There are so many things disturbing about this photo that I’m not sure where even to begin and therefore I think I will simply let all of you comment away. Of course, I can’t leave the post without making one small comment myself – it seems perfectly appropriate that someone named “candi kaboom” would be a Hello Kitty fanatic and why Hello Kitty fanaticism scares the hell out of me…

Sent in by Jill who should have to walk around like this all year as her punishment for reminding me how disturbing Hello Kitty Hell can be at its worst…

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Halloween Costume V”

  1. What scares me most is that…
    It looks nothing like hello kitty.. and that it has no hello kitty adorable face.. ;-; it makes me cry.

    But I can see the “resemblance”… of the version of Hello kitty she uses.. like the one on her bracelet. (Only part is shes supposed to be a cat with Pink hair)

    And well.. I am speechless about other stuff .. thats wrong.

  2. Hey! Be nice to Candi, I know her personally, and saw her that night. She looked adorable! Who cares if she doesn’t look exactly like Hello Kitty, I still think she looked damn good!

  3. very disturbing. not to mention that miss “kaboom” is probably a drag queen… an odd paris hilton look alike drag queen.

    pardon me while i go gouge my eyes out.

  4. Jennster: ”not to mention that miss “kaboom” is probably a drag queen… an odd paris hilton look alike drag queen.” loool thank you for making me laugh :’D

  5. There’s an HK constume in that picture!? I hadn’t noticed.

    As for “Ms” Kaboom, from her behaviour and name I suspect that she may be a female “adult entertainer”, or possibly more interested in the laydees “herself”?

  6. Hello Slutty! Totally wrong girl-on-girl pop culture references! I approve.

    And no, the HK girl is not a drag queen- look at the jawline, look at the shoulders. Far too rounded and soft. Can’t tell about her pink leopard friend, though.

  7. marty, you obviously haven’t been to hawaii. we have drags out here that you totally cannot tell until they take their underwear off! lol! soft jawlines, rounded shoulders, the works. and they are totally men!

  8. well you people dont like hello kitty so i dont expect you to know this stlye of PINK HEAD hello kitty by the designer Tarina Tarantino.. and i am flatter to be on here, i love hello kitty and pink!~ and i can give you guys all the hello kitty hell u want! u should see my room and MY collection 🙂 visit my myspace for more HELL of kaboom!

  9. Wow, I like how you guys talk crap on a HALLOWEEN costume. (??) Do you need to look up what Halloween is? I’m guessing it’s new to you. O_O

    And I’ve seen her before..if you had any clue hot hot she is, you’d eat your words.


  10. Candy, has anyone ever explained to you that red text on a red background is illegible? I’m not suggesting a major redesign for your “My Space”, just that you change the text on the links links to a contrast like blue or black to better meet accessibility guidelines, whilst still retaining the Hinemaru wallpaper on the home page which I quite liked.

  11. actually she is pink head. not hello kitty

    tarina tarantino has a collection called Pink Head which is hello kitty. if you notice she [the lady in the picture]
    has the bracelet and rings on.

  12. Candi Kaboom is a raver, as obvious by the way she spells “candy”. It is completely normal for ravers to dress up in strange costumes when they go to raves.

  13. sounds like a whole lot of hello kitty hatin goin on. how many hello kitty costumes do u see? how many actually look like her? yeah, yeah we know she prolly didnt grow up in hello kitty heaven like the rest of us but give the hatin a break, geez. she gets an A for effort….

  14. *sigh* Ok so dressing up as HK doesn’t really exactly work and some of these pics are a disaster yeah but at least these people are off having fun. The whole point of dressing up is to be stupid and mess around so maybe you guys should try and be a bit nicer. All I know is if I found a picture of me in my sailor outfit from last Halloween on the net with people calling me a drag queen I think It would be a bit of a downer. You suck! Go dress up!
    P.S the fact the HK make sanitary towels now that is worth mocking.


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