Hello Kitty Polski Fiat Car

I have long learned that it is never a good idea to open my email in the morning if I have been drinking the night before. Seeing Hello Kitty emails is bad enough, but viewing Hello Kitty emails with a hangover is just about the worst way to wake up in the morning. Lately, however, just opening the emails with the evil feline inside seems to bring on the same feeling as the worst hangover could. I know for sure that it’s never good to get up in the morning and open up your email to find a Pepto Bismol colored monstrocity like this facing you — the Hello Kitty Polski Fiat:

Hello Kitty Fiat

Hello Kitty Polski Fiat

Hello Kitty Polish Fiat

Hello Kitty Fiat car

Hello Kitty pink Fiat car

Here is the difference between a normal person and a Hello Kitty fanatic. While my head is spinning and I feel an intense headache coming on, the only thing I’m thinking is, “Why in the world would anyone want to ride around in something like that?” At the same moment, my wife is cheery as the sun with a huge smile on her face saying, “That is sooooo cute. Don’t you think we should get something like that?” Of course, all this leads me to believe I should have gotten extremely drunk last night if I’m going to have to spend the day feeling like I have an hangover anyway…

The only good thing I can say about this is that the quality seems to give a good representation of how most Hello Kitty goods are made. Apparently in the past cars under licence of the Italian car maker FIAT were manufactured or assembled in Poland. I’m told that these cars are referred to as the Polski Fiat (literally in English: the Polish Fiat) which was considered a Polish car brand.

Sent in by Yocoo who took the photos in Miskolc, Hungary which in itself brings up some disturbing trends: 1) People are actually taking photos for the sole purpose of sending them to me and 2) People all over the world are now sending me random Hello Kitty photos. Of course, both of these in addition to even thinking that it would be a good idea to send me something like this means that she should have to drive around in a car like this for the rest of her life or something similarly as torturous…

50 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Polski Fiat Car”

  1. The only person that gives everyone a headache and makes us all feel like we have a hangover is you and your driveling blogs everyday. I have to take Pepto Bismol everytime I read your blog!!!

    Furthermore, you are so prejudice. Some people don’t have a lot of money to buy a fancy Hello Kitty car, but this shows that even those who don’t have a lot still love Hello Kitty. It shows that everyone love Hello Kitty and no matter how much you bash her, you’ll always be second rate to her.

    What’s so wrong with this if it makes the owner happy? You seem like you want to make everyone have as miserable a life as you do, but Hello Kitty is all about happiness, so that will never happen. You might as well give up cause your cause is hopeless.

  2. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they Hellokittified the car in the desperate hope that people would be so horrified by Hello Kitty that they wouldn’t notice what a crappy car it is. It is really awful, isn’t it?

  3. wow.



    new reader here, btw~ i found your blog when i was searching for ipod stuff, and it came up with the crystal ear dangly thingies

    i read your whole blog in one day. i love it. i didnt even know there was so much hk crap in the world. holy eff.

    you must truly love your wife. people like this are hard to find now. keep up the good work!

    wow darlene.. you’ve been so defendant of hk for so long.. and you’re telling hkh hes horrible.. yet you keep reading?
    hah. i have half a mind to send in a picture of this really old hello kitty clock i have to see what you’re gonna say about it.

    Mr. HKH, but your wife should have it right..? = we’ll see. when i have time. i might send it in. heh

  4. “Furthermore, you are so prejudice…”

    That’s so funny.

    Aside from that, every time I see this car I immediately get an idea of a human head and a claw-end hammer. They say pink is calming, but perhaps it triggers a sleeper violent image thingy in some people or something. Or maybe it’s just that I hate that car so much I want to break my head with a claw-end hammer.

    Who knows?

    I know you encouraged your wife to start a business, but how about having a HK store?

    But then it would probably be more of an excuse for her to bring crap home.

    To Flying Potato: Maybe, but then my brain is still suffering from ‘loss of noise’ from the last pic so I think that goes back to violent thoughts about pink and HK.

  5. I think the owner did a good job HelloKittifying her car. I don’t want to drive the car by myself, though. I love to see such car with a personality rather than ice-cold expensive speed maniac BMW cars. Maybe I’m a bit brain-washed by Darlene …

  6. Well, at least this isn’t even a 10th as bad as that damned Bikini-type-thing.. Not even enough eye and mind bleach on the entire internet to make up for showing that!

  7. Darlene… Please do not speak for anyone but yourself. I personally hate it when you use phrases like “we” and “us all”. I DO NOT share your opinion. Maybe the reason you take pepto is the fact that the crude pink color has been branded into your mind and reminds you to take your life juice daily, while you have nothing better to do that waste your life away by sending in bashing comments to people who appearently “give you a headache”.

    You know, it also seems you’re attempting to dodge the bullet by not responding to comments, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t even read them… so…

    I’m recommending to mister HKH himself that he do something to trap darlene to make her feel either stupid about herself, or realize what type of crazy fantasy she lives in.

    About the Fiat… I would only drive that thing in a demolition durby.

    … that’s all I have to say about that.

  8. That car is ugly without the hk stuff. Darlene, you just talked about how you this blog gave you a headache, and then how you have to take pepto-bismol. Pepto Bismol isn’t for a headache.

  9. Oh, wow…
    My mom had one of these in the 70’s, it was baby blue though (no hello kitty though)…and the first time she washed it it turned her blue! My dad finally bought her a real car and drove the Fiat into a tree 🙂
    (You think that’s where I get my tendencies from????)
    Ah, those good ole Polish 🙂
    Anyway, yes these ugly little things are very dangerous, there are smaller than a Mini…which I think rank up there in the fugly category with ‘toasters’ 😉

  10. I’ve neer felt FIAT had the ‘personality’ of 2CV or NSU-Prinz or even some Japanese models but any connection between ‘sweet’ and ‘kitty’ is not in kitty’s mind – any bird, mouse or other small creature will tell you that. Cats sharpening their claws and licking their scissor teeth all over must be alternately laughing at this human ‘fuzzification’ of their predatory self-assurance or else cursing it. Cute Kitty pink? More like gory guts blood-red. Cats are as cute as “You can worship me when I say” – just like women. I envy cats.

  11. Just a small adjustment – there were at least two cars branded as Polski Fiat. This one is Fiat 126p, where this “p” at the end is for “Polish” 🙂 If you’re taller than 180cm, you may not be able to drive that (except if you take out front seat and drive sitting on back seat). That’s why it’s actually good for a HK car – it requires someone small to enjoy it ;]

  12. Holy Crap!
    It has a backseat?!?!?!?!?!
    No, way, you’re pulling my leg…there is no way you can fit people 2 deep in that thing!!!! They’d be sitting in the ‘trunk’….wow that’s dangerous!
    I know! Make evil darlene sit in the back as a buffer!
    Kinda of like a reverse airbag, oh yeah, she’s full of air alright!!!

  13. LoL, well it could always be worse… ::thinks of the scion and shudders:: however, this is still fugly.

    Darlene has proven that she is, in fact, ill. She’s the type of b***h that would stay in an abusive relationship. This blog makes you sick to the point of needing medicine and yet… here you are… enlightening our lives and exposing us to your blatant insanity… thank you… thank you for that.

  14. Yikes!
    That is too scary for me, my mum drives a BMW M Series Roadster and it’s front engine, but TINY.
    I’m always afraid to get rear-ended in it, I can only imagine what the driver must feel in this…

  15. MHK, if you followed the link you’d see how old the basic concept is. Back the people weren’t obsessed with the secondary safety of their cars, and the baby Fiats were designed to appeal to someone who wanted something really cheap.

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  17. Love this website. Althought is little cruel sometimes but I think u will fall in love.
    If i have this car.. i will exchange mine with it.
    I have also just got a full set of the car accessories. Going to set up my new car with it. Cool!

  18. Yeah, I get that part, I just can’t understand why they haven’t been outlawed….startting the the one above!

  19. Ah right. They’re rare classics in Western Europe, not daily transport. Eastern Europe (basically the former Warsaw Pact nations, like Poland) still don’t have the same safety obcession that’s starting to blight our lives.

  20. I’m beginning to wonder if Darlene just copies the same replies she gives your other blogs and pastes them into new ones.
    They usually go like:

    Yes but this product is perfect for that particular audience to appreciate Hello Kitty
    You are a horrible man!!! Your wife should leave you!
    You are sexist and disgusting!
    Who on earth would look at your blogs anyway!
    Ps. looking forward to commenting your next blog lol

    What a silly sausage.

  21. The car isn’t all that great. But who wouldn’t drive anything that has Hello Kitty on it she just makes everything so darn awsome. I would drive it cause it has Hello Kitty on it if it didn’t I would proubley wouldn’t look at it twice.

  22. Im polish , and i think them cars are crap but if i was ment to get it in hello kitty i would any day x
    im a big fan of hello kitty and tat aint gonna change.
    i live in england for couple of years now and i think england have much more hello kitty stuff then Poland x (:

    Thank You . !
    byee !

  23. Actually, we have so much of these FIATs, that you can get one for free if you really want to. That’s the reason, why people does things like that. If you’ll look for a long time, you can find Polski Fiat 126p modified to be a truck, a cabrio, a golf cart, a lawnmover, a roller (yeah, i’ve seen one when somebody was building a parking lot near my home) or even a small tank. So the pink painting and some kitty cat on it is nothing special…

    Good thing, that here in Poland Hello Kitty stuff is rather uncommon, and populated only amongs stupid girls.

  24. New here, love HK and your site…my husband now has an ally. When he makes fun of my obsession and screams of delight whenever I see her cutesy wootsy face, its done with love….and then he forks over the bucks and buys me whatever obscene object she happens to be gracing. But seriously darlene you have freaking issues…HK does not have a soul..nor does she bleed, therefore she cannot be killed….she is the original terminator…*epiphany*. Anyway if sher were real and had a mission of “spreading happiness” shes failed you miserably.

  25. Great little cars. 70mph at 60 mpg!!!! Who can argue with that?!!
    They seat four adults too, although the rear seat passengers are a little cramped. The original FIAT version was popular in Britain as a town car.

    (as a youngster I went on a tour round Europe in a 500 with ma & pa… autobahns included!!!)

    PS I have never heard of ‘hello kitty’ before. I found this page searching Polski-FIAT!

  26. Huh. It’s interesting. It’s subtle for an HK car, even though it really rather stands out. I guess I like that they managed a well-placed minimalism. I think that’s a hard card to cutify because it’s so boxy, but they did well with that they have.


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