Hello Kitty Mop Slippers

It’s never good to offer to help around the house when you live with a Hello Kitty fanatic. Even a simple “is there anything I can do to help clean?” will inevitably result in the evil feline forcing herself upon you. Case and point: Hello Kitty mop slippers:

Hello Kitty mop slippers

Basically, these are slippers that have dry mops on the bottom so that everywhere you walk in the house, the floors get dusted. While I don’t mind the concept, having to wear Hello Kitty on my feet every day isn’t what I would consider the most appealing attire. In fact, it’s downright embarrassing to have to wear them which becomes especially true when friends stop by. My wife’s response? “But you asked if you could help…” in a sweet and innocent voice. Typical Hello Kitty Hell…

Photo sent in by Meyume who should have to mop and clean floors for the rest of her life for even thinking for a split second that sending in this photo and giving my wife an idea that is bound to torture me daily for the rest of my life could ever be a good idea…

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  1. I guess Japan isn’t with the times, don’t they know that those things don’t work….even spraying kitty with liberal amounts of endust or pledge doesn’t help on floors…
    but yeah I have to agree with DJ, just think you get to squash her face into the ground 🙂

  2. Since when would a man ever ask his wife if there is anything he can help clean? Especially in Japan!!

    You must be joking…

  3. that reminds me of an invention where the baby where’s an outfit and helps mop the floor when the crawl around…

    that is one odd thing to hello kittify….mop slippers…

  4. You always talk about Hello Kitty whiners and then you go on whining like this? You offered to help. Stop whining and help your wife. They’re shoes. You get uptight about everything. Jeez. It shows again that you really don’t appreciate or want to help your wife and what type of man you really are.

  5. PEOPLES- don’t use wet mops on your TILES. it’s what makes all the grout go black with age- just spot clean!! Yeah- tell that to your wife if ever she buys these slippers -_-;;;

  6. darlene….you need to be hello kitty slapped! if you hate the site then leave.

    i wanted everyone to know that i have recently found out that in 8 months i will be introducing a new life to hello kitty hell!!!!!

    (gross slippers by the way)

  7. I agree with Darlene. I suspect MrHKH is so upset because he missed out on ab4d. The Purple Pile of Pestilence *was* something to get upset about. Hello, Kitty’s only sin is being terminally cute. Even though neither would be absorbed by the Borg (who absorb only useful cultures), unlike Barney, Hello, Kitty is not terminally evil.

  8. Darlene, you do realize these slippers were made by the evil white patriarchy in order to enslave us women to the house. HK is just a brainwashing program to enfeeble us women to love the smell of Pine Sol and mops on our feet.

    Think about that, darlene. 😉

  9. andophiroxia, I closed the door so no one else could see what I was doing and I looked very carefully to be sure…men have feet, too! There are some men, I suppose, who are so insecure that they would not use Hello, Kitty mop slippers, but even Hello, Kitty cannot help them. Wait, I take that back. Hello, Kitty HAS helped them. Hello, Kitty has helped them realize that they have a problem with security.

  10. Oh, GOD, not another Darlene clone!!!!!!
    Crap, and just when I got used to ignoring the first moron, a second one pops up…

  11. Dear mhkitty,

    I’m afraid that if there’s a Darlene clone, it’s you. That is, a clone in the sense of taking HK so seriously. Every few years another cutesy fad comes along. There was My Little Pony. There was Strawberry Shortcake. There were Smurfs. There were Beanie Babies. There were Cabbage Patch Dolls. Now, there’s HK and after HK there will be something else.

    I find the HK backlash rather sexist, myself. I don’t see how fascination with HK differs from the same attention to Star Trek or Star Wars. Anyone who’s ever been to a Con has seen the phenomenon. Yet, it’s only HK who seems to inspire the kind of intolerance seen here.

    There *has* been the kind of evil in the world that the HK detractors would like to be battling, but HK is no Purple Pile of Putrifaction. As far as I can tell, Sanrio does not want people’s souls, only their money.

    Darlene is quite correct in her coments here. We hear about how the mop slippers represent the subjugation of women. If the disourse is about what is used to clean the floors rather than who cleans the floors, the battle has already been waged and settled, and HK had nothing to do with the results.

    Perhaps the saddest thing is to see the ad hominen attacks from HK detractors on those who see nothing wrong with other people enjoying themselves.

    The more I look at this site, the easier it is to believe that this is Hello Kitty Heaven rather than Hello Kitty Hell. If I were given the assignment to start a viral campaign to bring Hello Kitty to an audience that would otherwise not knowher, I couldn’t do any better than this site!

  12. Oh, I know 🙂 I went analytical on the ad hominem comment. When it comes right down to it, B*rney must be destroyed, all else is irrelevant.

  13. All I have to say is Rod, you put WAY too much thought into your response…
    I’m not going to get into this with you but I just think there are some things that a line needs to be draw over.
    I actually do liken the fanatics of HK to fanatics of StarWars and the like… my only comment is that those people spend way too much time and money in a fictional world.
    I own a lot of HK stuff so I’m not bashing it totally, I just say that people should think about why they are buying that much stuff and I really wonder what it’s going to do for them in 20 years when they are broke because they didn’t save their money. And WHY people, like you, feel the need to so strongly defend everything that is Hello Kitty, even though there is some pretty damn stupid HK crap out there. If you read some of the other threads I’ve written in, you’ll see I do actually like some of the stuff, I don’t hate everything and everyone, just stupid stuff and stupid people.
    We are only here having fun and expressing our opinions! I’m sick and tired of people coming on here and b*tching cause Mr. HKH is just venting his frustrations and yes, we’re making fun of dumb HK crap!
    I bet there is something (other than HK) that you have a pet peeve about, but do people tell you to stick it and not to speak up??? Well here we can say what we want, who are we hurting? Certainly not you, so I say please get over it and let us be…
    And when you say I’m like Darlene, that is THE biggest freaking insult you can spit at me, I am nothing, I repeat NOTHING like Darlene, yes I like Hello Kitty, but it has NOT taken over my life to the point I have to buy everything there is and that I can’t see the other side of the coin when someone disagrees with me. I see your point and I say to each there own, but you need to understand that we here on HKH are here to do one thing: make fun of weird stuff we find on HK, if you don’t like it, well then, sorry ’bout your bad luck. Go elsewhere.
    So that being said I will not repeat myself again as I’m sick and tired of having to defend myself to people like you…

  14. @MHKitty, i agree totally with you. As much as i call myself a HK fanatic, there are some totally hideous HK designs and/or products out there!! I do draw the line and do not buy the stuff i think is total crap.

    It’s fun to come here and laugh about what HK product is dumb or not, and see everyone else’s response. Heaven help me if i one day end up like Darlene. I’m human enough to see through that bullsh*t that Darlene spews forth, and have a good old chuckle at it all, and wonder to myself, is she for real???

    Don’t worry about the Mr Serious’s of the world such as Rod, he obviously wouldn’t know humour if it bit him on the bum! 🙂 I look forward to your comments MHKitty 🙂 so please don’t stop 🙂

  15. Wait, what happened here? I’ve been away from the computer a couple of days, and on returning, I see that there’s a serious debate with long and (what seems like) thought-through answers?
    Just as Kelly, I agree totally with mhkitty. Hello Kitty is great and adorable and everything, BUT to a certain extent.
    About these mop slippers: Yes, I would like a pair of these. And one pair of mop slippers with Spiderman. Not for me, but for my kiddies, in another agonizing and futile attempt to make them clean their own rooms.
    Kimberly: Congratulations! 😀 Is it your first baby? In that case, here’s a free advice: Don’t listen too much to what everybody tells you about their pregnancies and deliveries. When they get started, just let your mind slip away, smile and nod. If you listen to all they say (or worse, start thinking that all their horror stories is applicable on you), you’ll go crazy.

  16. @Kimberly: I agree, I do not have kids yet, but have been there during several of my friends pregnancies and subsequent births… each one is different. So don’t let them scare you. No one knows your body like you do 🙂
    And if by chance it is a girl, there are a few stores on Ebay that sell HK baby stuff! I’ll be more than happy to point to them as I have them all saved as favorites 😉
    @ Helene & Kimberly: Glad to know ‘my ladies’ have my back!
    @andophiroxia: Ha, nerds!!! Funny! Yeah, I am teased that I am a ‘closet nerd’ because along with my HK stuff and Nascar diecasts at my desk, I also have the entire Discovery Store ‘Space’ collection of Lego models of Spacecrafts, etc…I work in the space industry… so yeah I guess I am a nerd by association 🙂

  17. mhkitty: “I also have the entire Discovery Store ‘Space’ collection of Lego models of Spacecrafts” Ooooh, Im impressed and slightly jealous…

  18. @RSKS: that’s a safe thing to do 🙂 he he he…

    @Helene: Yes, I was obsessed with Lego’s as a kid, and transformers and matchbox cars… I had more boy toys than any of the boys on my street! So when they released a lego kit of one of my projects I just had to get all the matching sets to complete the look…eBay is grrrrreat!
    I will have to take a picture of my cube for you! People say they get dizzy just looking at everything, I ‘ve been told it looks like a)a toy store, and b) a museum…

  19. It’s so funny how this blog has brought together alot of people who never grew up (i mean that in a good way!!). We all still love our toys :))

  20. You are very right, Kelly!
    It’s funny how many people that I work with are like this too, I have a lady who collects M&M’s dispensers, a guy who collects all things Simpsons, and another lady who also likes HK and Buffy/Angel….she has Angel posters all over cube!

  21. i think u guys that r hatin on hk are really super hk fanatics that love it soooooooooo prefusely u hate it andthen u think that ppl who like hk are crazy and need o go in to a insane assylum but u guys are the ones who spend all day on here commenting!

  22. darlene i think for one you have had a load of serious mismatched relationships, and need to calm down, all men are not evil as you so agree.

    Heres a peice of advice: Stop marrying widowers.


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