Hello Kitty Lunch Bags

It’s bad enough that my wife ends up making me Hello Kitty bentos for my lunch when I go out, but now when they aren’t wrapped in Hello Kitty handkerchiefs, I have to carry them in Hello Kitty lunch bags.

Hello Kitty lunch bags

There really isn’t anything more embarrassing than being a 6 foot 3 inch foreign white male walking down the streets in Japan with a Hello Kitty lunch bag in your hand (well, besides taking the Hello Kitty cell phone to the supermarket…). Basically, it sums up the daily embarrassment that come with living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Photo sent in by Nakoria who deserves extra special punishment for thinking that it could in any way be a good idea to alert my wife to the fact that these exist and make my life even more Hello Kitty Hellish…

42 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Lunch Bags”

  1. Would it be mean to blow these up to their maximum capacity and pop them right behind darlene?

    Just an ethical question folks.

    Would it be just as bad if I filled it full of Hello Kitty rocks and when it exploded, it would all hit darlene magically?

  2. those lunch bags should be for kids only. definitely not for grown men. and i question the sanity of a grown women getting all excited about it…
    and andophiroxia you have my support on that 😀

  3. Funny that darlene gets mentioned before she even shows up these days.

    Mr. HKH: buy yourself an insulated lunchbag of your own liking and insist on using it because throwing away the paper ones harms the environment. *nodnod* Plus you can upgrade to cold or hot lunches. 😀

  4. Do you have a REALLY big lunch? You could try to just take your food out of your lunch bag, and put it in your pocket, when you’re a safe distance from your house. Heck, sneak a regular brown lunch bag, into the hello kitty one, and make a switch after leaving the house.

  5. Helene has a good idea. Whether it will end up in your stomach or come out of your mouth, that HK paper bag right there has a damn good purpose.

  6. You are so ungrateful that it is amazing anyone would put up with you. Your wife takes the time to make you lunch and you have the nerve to complain what it looks like and what you have to carry it in. Why don’t you make you own meal?

    There is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s a bag with Hello Kitty on it which everyone loves. You should walk with it proudly instead of complaining as much as you do. The world is not going to end if you have to carry your lunch in a Hello Kitty bag.

    The only reason that you’re embarrassed is because you have no confidence in your masculinity. This shows up time after time in your posts. if you were more of a man, none of this would bother you, but since it does so much, you are exactly what you are afraid if. Pretty ironic I think.

  7. Well, ripping on Mr HKH isn’t going to make a huge white dude in Japan feel better.

    And besides, having a little boy who audibly groans when I can spot HK from 2 stores in the mall away gives you a bit of perspective.

    That, and as a single mom who is the ONLY one that drinks coffee in the house and getting told “If coffee is for grownups, then why do you have a pink Hello Kitty coffee pot and cup?” (I replied “Because I can, and you’re the only one that sees it in this mess of Transformers and green masculine decor.”) I don’t thinks any man is afraid of being a guy, rather, it’s the constant emasculation he gets at home from being in a pink frou-frou place.

    And he can bitch. Seems to me, he’s awful tolerant of his wife making his house a pre-teen castle of cuteness. Personally, and I LIKE HK, I might complain if I had it crammed down my throat ALL the time.

    As to the bags…I’ve seen them in the stores in town.

  8. I’m worried. Darlene has just said something which, taken by itself, is sensible! 😉 (The world is not going to end if you have to carry your lunch in a Hello Kitty bag)

    I still agree with the basic point of the blog, but that sentence is sensible if you ignore the other 2 2/3 paragraphs!

  9. You could always graffiti hello kitty’s face on the bag… or throw it away as soon as you’re out of sight of the house. Do you always do what your wife tells you to do?
    I wouldn’t be afraid of the HK sleeping bag…just get your own sleeping bag and sleep in that.

  10. I can’t say anything bad about this, I have 2 packs of these and the matching ziplock baggies and icepacks from when they were sold at Target…

    Mr. HKH: “The world is not going to end if you have to carry your lunch in a Hello Kitty bag.”……WTF?????????
    Um, it may make your man parts shrivel and fall off!
    You might try drawing horns and a mustache on hk while your wife sits there, and see how long it takes your wife to stop sending them 🙂

  11. Kitteh!!! I’ve very disappointed in you…. you should know you never, ever tell Darlene that there’s even a remote chance she’s sane or that anything she’s said is remotely right… she’ll only get worse…

  12. hey think of it this way, you can have fun with the bag buy drawing mustaches and other stuff on her during lunch time. used to do that when my mom got them for me in 5th grade….. (“)3

  13. to RSKS: I say go even further with that and start drawing horrible caricatures like Hitler, Satan, Ayatollah Khomeni and such and maybe she’ll be disinclined to give him those bags to use for his perverse pleasures. (I am sure they are more expensive than regular ones.)

    Issue solved.

  14. mhkitty: Probably, yes. But since everyone here always tells her that she’s stupid, she should get small rocks thrown at her, drive a car off a cliff and on and on, this friendliness from kitteh!! might confuse her so totally, that she (too) turns around and start writing something sensible! (Or not.)
    You think she answered your 4 questions with anything but yeses?

  15. Helene: Probably not 😉
    I saw a public announcement on the TV last night that said something similar and immediately thought about her 🙂

  16. awe, dont hate me, i just thought after you got the flu and had to wear the hello kitty mask you could at least have fun puking. drown the kitty in what you really think of her.

  17. MHK, I see where you’re coming from, but I thought it was agreed that Darlene never reads (she certainly shows no sign of ever reading) anything else in the comments?

    Anyway, I meant it in an “infinite number of monkeys” way! 😉

  18. Okay, I’ll let is slide this time 😉
    I’m really hoping she does read these after she posts and sees what we all think of her…

  19. I had no idea this was going on. A friend of mine had a Hello Kitty drinks flask. I thought that was about as far as it went. Oh, I feel so ignorant now – and sorry for you! I’ve been looking through your posts and comments and I share your general consensus that the world has gone quite mad. Of course, this is not just an issue with Hello Kitty. I’ve seen it happen with Winnie The Pooh, Disney Princesses and my brother has begun buying anything with Nintendo on it. To be honest, I think Hello Kitty is a horrifying looking thing with a huge head and beady eyes. If I wanted to fill my life with cute so bad, I’d just buy a puppy. I have to chuckle at the way people are personifying the Hello Kitty brand. I wonder if these people will ever realise that she is just a doodle…. Keep fighting the good fight!

  20. A friend of mine bought these lunch bags for me–not sure why, it’s not like I’d use them…anyway, I let my mean practical joke side out and packed my son’s (the class clown in 8th grade) lunch in this bag. I had the plain side (yes, there’s a plain side) up, and when he left for school, I told him, “you’ll think of me later.” He was immediately on guard…but did not know why.

    So, in front of his entire 8th grade lunch/class, his best friend saw the HK before he did and called him out on it!

    He came home, still laughing, and threatened to get me back.

    Definitely was worth it!

  21. My sister has these too. I’ve never used them; I was afraid the people at school would laugh at me, and really, I hate them anyways.

  22. Haha, that does sound really embarrassing. I mean, I understand a girl carrying it around but not a grown man xD But, ..do you know where I could buy these? Haha


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