Hello Kitty Horse Drawn Carriage

This is the problem with Hello Kitty fanatics. When I make a post saying that Hello Kitty and romantic do not go together, that does not mean that I want you to suddenly start sending me photos of anything and everything that is Hello Kitty that my wife might even remotely consider romantic. For instance, a Hello Kitty horse drawn carriage:

Hello Kitty horse drawn carriage

Upon seeing this, my wife has gotten it into her head that getting married again so that she can have the Hello Kitty wedding that she never had would be a great idea. No matter how bad Hello Kitty Hell gets, I envision that having to go through a Hello Kitty wedding would be about as bad as Hello Kitty can ever get (shivers going up and down my spine just at the thought)…

Send in by simplyhk who deserves to be trampled over by the horses of the carriage multiple times for getting my wife excited about the marriage idea again and for thinking that even an ounce of good could ever come from sending this photo to me…

Update: One would assume that a single Hello Kitty horse drawn carriage in the world would be enough to make people realise what an awful idea this is, but they would once again be underestimating the complete lack of taste of the evil feline and be wrong:

pink horse drawn carriage with Hello Kitty

35 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Horse Drawn Carriage”

  1. This is disgusting. I mean the poor horses might get hurt if they have to trample someone! It’s not their fault!

    How about having them trampled by HK Sexy Nightmare 2 instead? A 100lb girl in spike heels imposes a pressure on the heels equivalent to 2 tons per square foot after all!

  2. What is wrong with you? Every blog you write you show your contempt for women and what a selfish person you really are. If your wife wants to have a wedding again and if you really loved her, you would do it without thinking at all, but all you can do is complain. Do you ever do things for others?

    A wedding is the most precious time for a woman. If you deny a woman her wedding wishes, then you are denying that you love her. You have no concept of real romance and what it takes to please a woman. You should be ashamed of yourself for not giving her a Hello Kitty wedding the first time. Will you ever step up to the plate and be a real man?

    Riding in a carriage like this would be any woman’s dream, but all you can do is think about yourself. Then you go and insult the person that sent you the photo. Did you ever think if you keep doing this, people will stop sending you photos and then this blog will be nothing? Keep at it Mr HKH and you’ll get your wish. Everyone will stop coming, you won’t have any photos to put up and nobody will care what you have to say. It would serve you right for you biased and uncalled for comments all the time.

  3. What I really want to see when I read Darlene’s fifth:

    “What is wrong with you? Every blog you write you shows your love for women and what a caring and humorous person you really are. If your wife wants to have a wedding again she’s do it your way, you know- with stippers on poles- playboy bunnies as the servers- beer fountains you can drink directly from, so why should you complain. You do so many things for others, so why not once get what you want?

    A wedding is the most precious time for a man. If a woman denies her man his wedding wishes, then she is denying that she loves you. She have no concept of real romance and what it takes to please a man. She should be ashamed of herself for even thinking about giving you a Hello Kitty wedding! Will she ever step up to the plate and be a real wife?

    Riding in a carriage like this would be any manโ€™s nightmare, but all she can do is think about herself. Then the person that sent you the photo insults you by intentionally mocking you. Did you ever think if you keep doing this, people will stop liking Hello Kitty and the world will be a better place? Keep at it Mr HKH and youโ€™ll get your wish. Everyone will stop buying stupid HK stuff, you wonโ€™t have any photos to put up and nobody will care what I have to say. It would serve me right for being biased and idiotic comments all the time.”

    Ah, I crack myself up!!!

  4. Yeah, yeah, I know some of the grammar isn’t quite right but I was trying to keep it mostly the same…
    I like how mine sounds much better….ah, maybe one day… in an alternate universe ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I was thinking extremely crude thoughts about men in pr0n after your comment, mhkitty. It’s because I KNOW that would have pissed Darlene off.

    Basically a smarta$$ comment like, “Darlene if you acted like a Hoover vaccuum on your man, perhaps you wouldn’t be such an insane screeching man-hating b*** that’s surrounded by your HK love dolls.”

  6. Even if it wasn’t more useless Hello Kitty crap, I wouldn’t like the idea of a pink carriage. Sorry but not all girls like pink (except for dark shades, I can’t stand the color) and anyone with half a brain would know that.

  7. That thing IS kind of an eyesore…

    P.S. I think I’m going to go through all of Darlene’s post and change them appropriately ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. mhkitty, you are awesome. I enjoy the color pink, but in no way does that mean I want to ride in a HK slathered horse drawn carriage. It’s a bit scary to think that someone would be willing to drive that thing all day. At least the horses aren’t pink…

  9. if i ever see this thing i think i’ll make it a personal obligation to spray paint it. maybe make an art piece out of it. haha like make a giant checker board pattern all over it, maybe some chess pieces. that’d be worth riding in, in my opinion, because it’d be origional and unique, instead of doing a very poor conversion to a mass icon with little to no thought put into the art. now some people (darlene, alfred) may be thinking “it is unique! its the only hello kitty carriage i’ve ever seen!” (while in the cases of darlene and alfred i severly doubt that) no, that is the same hello kitty logo you can find on every object hello kitty has ever corrupted. there is nothing worth looking at involved in this object.
    on the plus side i like the buildings in the backround. haha

  10. I really hope this doesn’t get to be a habit! I partly agree with Darlene again, but only in that I think the white dress, horse carriage, posh dinner stuff around a wedding is for the woman (and the parents) more than for the man, who’ll probably be entirely happy with 2 friends, registry office (UK law, substitute other civil ceremony as appropriate for other jurisdictions), and a “wedding breakfast” down the local burger joint, then spend the cash saved on a new car or a better honeymoon!

    That said, that carriage should be a warning to him to flee the country! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Wow, the more I read of Darlene’s posts the more I’m convinced she’s a crazy cat lady living alone in a pepto bismol pink house. The neighborhood children must be terrified of her.

    And as for the ‘riding in this carriage would be any woman’s dream’? I think not. Being a woman myself (the last time I checked) I would much rather sit around and either play video games with my man or head to the movies.

    That’s the thing Darlene, Mr. HKH shouldn’t have to demean himself at every turn just to please his wife. Just because he doesn’t want to do EVERYTHING Hello Kitty doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. In my eyes it seems the fact that he hasn’t either gone insane or left her is testament to just how much he loves her.

  12. Hiya J&J. Times and places. On a typical “evening in after work” day, I’d be well pleased to be with a lady who’d try and kick 8 different colours out of me in Tekken or whatever! An odd “romantic coach ride” if on hols in, say, Vienna would be fun too though.

  13. @Kitteh!!: I have to agree, I’d like a carriage ride, want to take one in NYC one day… just not in a HK carriage…God Forbid!
    And about the video games… my favorite right now is Guitar Hero ๐Ÿ™‚
    But don’t get me wrong some good butt whooping on Tekken or say good old Mortal Combat is awesome too!

  14. Don’t get me wrong either; Tekken was just the first game I thought of that has a versus (or co-op) mode.

    Guitar hero has its appeal too. There’s an ad over here for GH3, that uses CGI to have one of the players turn into Ozzy Osborne (from back in the day at that). Personally, I always had more of a leaning towards being a drummer though.

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  16. Eh, it’s vomit inducing. And Darlene is probably on too much HKCoke to notice that not every woman in the world wants to make herself into a spectacle for her wedding day (Right now, my plan in Vegas, next year, Rollercon and Elvis)

  17. Pink Blog, that carriage has landau bars because it’s a real landau (originally type of carriage, now used to refer to a style of folding roof), not a fake landau like a Caddy hearse!

  18. Darlene,
    WHAT THE HKHELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!?! Quite frankly, I think that you are over-reacting, are being sexist yourself, and are being a hypocrite, DISSING US NORMAL PEOPLE BECAUSE WE DISS YOU, AND THEN YOU JUDGE US FOR JUDGING YOU!

    You are sentenced for life in HK Doom Jail.

  19. Whoa, whoa, whoa, back this thing up. Did Darlene just say it would be any woman’s dream to ride in a carriage like that? First things first: I would love to ride in that carriage IF…
    1. If a professional completely stripped the paint off and repainted it
    2. And those ugly horses were replaced with a matching pair of Percherons.

    Yup, that would be great.

  20. While I would love to ride in a horse-drawn carriage, I would prefer one that doesn’t look like it’s been drenched in pepto-bismal.

    Ya know, the horses almost look like they’re trying to get away…

  21. As a woman can I just say that if I ever expressed any real desire to involve hello kitty in any way in my wedding I would expect my fella to do the good and decent thing and have me shot. Repeatedly, until I was beyond dead.


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