Hello Kitty Ninja Tattoo

Once again Hello Kitty shows that there are no boundaries when it comes to combinations of herself and other things no matter how wrong the combination may seem to the rest of us. This can be seen vividly in things like the Hello Kitty Jesus tattoo, the Hello Kitty Darth Vader tattoo and this Hello Kitty ninja tattoo:

Hello Kitty ninja tattoo

You would think that Hello Kitty, upon adopting the garb of a ninja, would do justice to ninjas everywhere and simply disappear, but alas that is way too much to hope when the evil feline is involved. Instead, another possible tattoo pattern is added to my wife’s wish list which I have to fear I will end up unexpectedly finding at some romantic moment. This will not only ruin the entire mood, it will likely end up putting me on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag due the terrified look on my face instead of the love and adoration which my wife would assume I would greet the new ink with (don’t ask why she would assume this — if you have to then you don’t understand Hello kitty fanatics — suffice to say that Hello Kitty fanatics expect everyone to react this way every single time they see something Hello Kitty because this is the only way that they know how to react…) And that certainly sums up quite nicely what’s it’s like to live in hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by shelley who deserves to have a whole lot of Hello Kitty ninjas visit her while she is sleeping and wreak deadly havoc as punishment for thinking sending this photo to me could ever be a good idea in any way, shape or form…

Update: Did you really think that Hello Kitty could ever do something and not have a pink version?

hello kitty ninja

Sent in by Nikki

hello kitty pink ninja tattoo

Sent in by raquel

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Ninja Tattoo”

  1. Ummmm… okay….
    Never seen one with a red outline…
    Is it me or that crooked?
    I applaud the ‘spirit’ shown but…. well… ah hell it just doesn’t do it for me…
    Brian… you’d do a helluva better job!

  2. haha after this one i simply must send in a picture of my hk tat! I have to say though im not one for the ninja idea…

  3. Ugly ass tattoo…. and not even because it has the kitty on it…
    Colors, outline, drawing, everything is awful.

    Also, the black part seems like it hurt like hell, it even looks bumpy……..

  4. This pic was taken right after it was done. Thats why it looks so red and crappy and my leg is at a wierd angle. Yes it hurt and I loved it. You should see all my other tats, ha ha. It’s going to look even better when I put the cherry blossoms around it. Yay, ninja kittys.

  5. Good lord gus you need to calm down, I guess the humor is lost on you. Ie using cute in contradictory ways.

    Now if I was married and the old lady is covered with Hello Kitty tattoos, I do not care because she giving it up. She can wear an hello kitty bra we do it on a pile of hello kitty plushies, She’s my wife, if I am going to get some, and as long as nobody get hurt ,I’m game.

  6. that is no ninja, ninjas would not be seen, that is a poorly informed pirate who must be shot
    also, ninjas never used nunchucks, americans thought that up and thought it was clever, no real ninjas ever used them

  7. Hello Kitty goes perfectly with a ninja because she steals everyone’s heart. Only someone stupid wouldn’t understand that.

  8. @Lucy – the black part doesn’t look bumpy…sometimes tattoos don’t have equal amounts of black coloring throughout which is why they look that way. Has nothing to do with a “bad” tattoo artist, it’s just hard to tell how much ink is in each area when there’s black ink smeared everywhere. Easily fixed with a touch up.

    @Ghost – I’ve noticed that most people that like ninjas don’t actually know anything about real ninjas…they’ve just seen too many cartoons and somewhere along the lines decided “ninjas r cool!”

    The tattoo itself (content aside, hey – whatever floats your boat) looks lopsided and poorly drawn. I’m also wondering about the age of the person that got the tattoo. Usually underage people wind up getting bad tattoos because they are so wound up in getting a tattoo, they don’t bother to go to a reputable tattoo artist (whom probably wouldn’t tattoo a minor anyway), or don’t take the time to make sure the drawing is done right. If this person is over 18, then I’d say they made a pretty bad call as far as the artwork since it’s so crooked looking.

    Shouldn’t her nose be covered by the ninja mask? The nose peeking out seems kind of odd to me.

    @Darlene – Burning question. How old are you? I mean, what age group? Because your comments seem very immature. If you really love HK, why are you even bothering to respond to comments that clearly go against your opinion? It’s not like anything you type is going to create an epiphany in anyone and make them change their minds. Everyone’s opinion is what it is, and the fact that you can link being a ninja to HK isn’t that amazing…anything can be linked to anything else. Personally, I don’t really like HK in “dress up”…I like her in her original blue overalls – timeless and classic 🙂

  9. I hope to all that is holy that that’s not a real tattoo… because it looks absolutely horrid. Not because of Hello Kitty, just the way it was done period. If I got a tattoo that looked that terrible, I’d punch the tattoo artist… and then probably myself for letting that untalented tattoo “artist” do work on me at all.
    It seriously wreaks ugliness THAT bad. And believe me, it being recently done is NOT going to change how it looks to that degree. It’s just flat out…yugh…. and permanent too unless you get it laser-removed, yikes! Who was the tattoo “artist”? …so I know never to go there.

  10. Wow, I think that’s the SHORTEST note left by darlene…oh EVER! Hmmm….she must be really busy stalking someone online to not leave a 2 paragraph long tirade!

  11. @Susan and Shelley

    I have 3 tats myself… one of a crappy nature and the other two are truly works of art. Im no profesional but I know some stuff about tattoos…. and when your skin is bumpy like that after a tat… is because the “artist” just re-did the zone too much times and damaged the skin more that it is reasonable….

    I hate the red outline in fact….

  12. Ninjas are stealth. The tattoo ninja evidently displays the identity of the ninja… the pink bow and uncovered nose/cheeks (whiskers). Plus, what is the purpose of covering up the face underneath the nose when HK evidently does not have a mouth (except in the television cartoon series).

    I do like the aspect that HK can very much be a warrior / nun-chuck expert. She is everything we want her to be. That is why she is so universally popular and loved.

    Recommend the biography of the Sanrio (HK) empire (Hello Kitty: The remarkable story of sanrio and the billion dollar feline phenomenonm, by Belson and Bemner.

  13. HK doesn’t seem to be the ninj-ing type to me. But anyway, tatoos hurt a LOT. Does your wife know that? They make ’em by punching the ink into your skin, painfully. Maybe that’ll stop her from getting one.

  14. My wife and I love your site. It has made us laugh until we have cried. Great stuff.

    We’re just curious, do tattoos in general bother you, or is it the subject matter of the tattoo?

  15. Hello Kitty will never dissapear….lol i don’t get it if you don’t like hello kitty (and you seem to dispise her a whole lot) why do you have a whole website dedicated to her basically lol. I mean is hello kitty really being forced onto you that much? it’s just a cute lil over commericialized kitty that alot of people grew up liking not an evil minion from hell haha

  16. I’m glad Shelley couldn’t be original with her ideas. When I got this tattoo done I had it drawn from a figure I had. Shelly apparently can’t come up with her own shit.


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