Hello Kitty Skeleton Tattoo (with bow)

This is why I hate living in Hello Kitty Hell. Any normal person would assume that an anatomically correct Hello kitty skeleton wouldn’t exist. Being in Hello kitty Hell, I unfortunately have to learn that such a Hello Kitty anatomically correct tattoo does exist. Even the most jaded person would assume that this insanity would end there, but that would not be giving due credit to the true nature of Hello Kitty fanatics. What would make a Hello Kitty skeleton tattoo even more Hello Kitty like? Well, a Hello Kitty skeleton tattoo with bow of course:

Hello Kitty skeleton tattoo with bow

I’m thinking that maybe I should just stop opening my email…

Sent in by emily (via work done by Ace Chandler) who should both be punished by having to wear this tattoo thinking it could ever be a good idea to send it to me or create it in the first place.

62 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Skeleton Tattoo (with bow)”

  1. ew! man hair gross…this is so ….ew men can like kitty sure but if they get a hk tat they need to shave……at least the area around her

  2. Yes, it’s true God only knows how that thing will look with
    man hair all over it.
    C’mon Acton you know you loved the moon shot! hahaha

  3. i’m just not really into the whole ‘anatomical HK’ thing. i don’t think it’s bad ass, i think it’s tacky. that forever that guy has to have that on his arm and explain to his children and his grandchildren WHY he has a skeleton of HK permanently marked on to his body. i don’t believe in getting tattoos unless they mean something. i’m not sure what this is supposed to mean. and it can’t be because he hates her. no one would tattoo something on themselves that they hate.

  4. Meh – same crap from the last post with a bow.
    Have we run out of real HK crap to blast? Now we’re down to critiquing bad tats? Someone needs to, at least, send in some cute ones.

  5. Y’know what’s the worst part…? It’s shaved now, because this photo was taken immediately after the tattoo was done (looks like, at any rate) but soon – it will be a HAIRY HK skeleton tattoo… on some man’s leg. Ugh.

    It’s things like this that are causing my evaluation of humanity to sink ever lower…………………

  6. And he probably got it to appease some little giggly pink-clad fanatic who will soon push him over the brink into misery &/or insanity…………….

  7. @Catherine
    I did not care for the but only let it slide because who the shot was directed at. If I see another moon shot aging I going to be sick.

    Yes MR. HKH the tattoos are getting very old. Do I need to provide you some fresh material?

  8. @Jaime

    Anyone who gets a tat like this is likely to raise their children/gradnchildren inside a HK-Bubble where stuff like this is normal.

    urgh. I just scared myself.

  9. @sansicarus

    haha! i love hk but i believe in balance!! i’d love for my future kids to like HK but if they want to like Barney i’d tolerate it.

    i’m just confused on if the guy who got the tattoo likes hello kitty or not. if he liked her then wouldn’t he want something cute instead of some mutant skeleton with creepy feet? seriously those feet are horrible. i’m going to dissect one of my HK plushies to see if her feet bones are really like that.

  10. Think positive; the skeleton has been overlaid on a “biohazard” warning. One thing you should never do is f*ck with a biohazard, so this could be the first time a tat has made its owner eligable for a rare “Living Darwin” 😉

  11. Hmmm… It seems more like a warning of how dangerous Hello Kitty is. Showing what the feline demon is like under all that skin and fur, and making sure it’s identifiable by use of the bow. But The Biohazard symbol is what clinches it. It’s definitely a warning.

  12. Hey… If this skeleton is “anatomically” correct and HK suffers from “intoeing” then her neurological status could be in question! Yikes!!! Say it isn’t so.

  13. This tattoo is getting old!! When I was at biketoberfest I swear almost every chick on a bike had this same tattoo, I mean they were different sizes, placing, bow colors, but bottom line pretty much all the same… So much for trying to think of something original. Maybe I’m missing something, maybe HK is now a gang symbol????

    I agree with everyone else, HK tattoos are old news, there is a ton of other HK stuff to post and for us to talk about. How about the new line of MAC makeup that’s coming out with HK all over it 🙂

  14. @sara
    4real YAY! i dont wear make-up bcuz i think its .less but scince it’s hk i might have to make an exeption

    me 2 the tat is ugly but the symbolism saying hk is bad a is awesome

    WEll since hkhell refuses to put up more posts as of late i’ll just ask has neone seen the new hk rainboots? omg frickin smexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @Sara Dane no need to provoke MR. HKH

    Maybe I can cook up soothing that will scare MR. HKH and bring joy to his wife. I know of two other male Hello kitty fans that can put me most females to shame.

    we do exist!

  16. @Sara Dane, HK makeup is in “inappropriate marketting tat”, because it fails the “Would I want my 6yo to use it?” test!
    Also, whether an individual design is “getting old” or not IYE doesn’t matter that much to me because MMDV (as does Mr HKH’s evidently).
    @Emily HKTF, you’re right about the “less is more” aspect of makeup.
    Kiddie size HK Wellies would be a good idea, as long as they work as rainwear though.
    @MHK, I didn’t notice that, until you said! 😀

  17. @Kitteh!!
    I’m pretty sure the make up is going to be marketed towards adults and not kids as was the Barbie line, Mafi line, and soon to be out Dame Edna line of products. If you really think about it doesn’t nearly everything on this website fail your “would I want my six year old to use it” test? Yes most of the time less is more with make up, but that doesn’t mean some girls don’t still find it fun to own and toy around with. This is something I hope you don’t understand because you’re a man 😉

    And as for the “getting old” aspect, like I was saying before, first I was seeing it everywhere myself, and now it has been two posts in a row here, not to mention the other times MHKH has put it up.. I just think there are other things out there with HK’s face on it to put up for discussion instead of the same thing, no?

    Just one more little thing… Call me a computer idiot if you will, but I have no clue what IYE and MMDV stand for lol

  18. My start point is that the Anime is aimed at sort of 8 and under (there’s nothing wrong with being older and likeing or sentimental about it), so the marketting products should be too! Would you (if a beer drinker) buy Star Wars licenced “Star Destroyer Strong Ale”, because I wouldn’t, on the same grounds that the people the films were aimed at are too young to drink!

    2 different tattoos on a similar theme isn’t “getting old” to me; sure I’d have split them up more but this isn’t actually my blog!

    Ok, you’re a computer idiot! 😀
    IYE – In Your Experience.
    MMDV – My Mileage Does Vary; a variation on the Unix geek comment that “I do this on my system but Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)”, meaning that not all systems (or in this case life experiences) are the same.

  19. wow %D these conv. are getting more and more complex with each passing day……..
    yes i dn’t see the point in make-up the only reason it exisists is to look like sum hting u’re not ……Dumb

  20. @Emily
    Not trying to cause a conflict….BUT to say that make-up only exists is to look like something you’re not is a “dumb” statement… Let’s not forget the people who use it to cover scars, birthmarks, and other skin pigmentation things that many people have but cannot control. Some of this “dumb” make-up actually helps these people feel normal and lets them have a higher self esteem by keeping away goggling eyes.

    Like I said I’m not trying to start any big arguments and I agree that the girls out there who feel the need to look like they are in a Broadway show every second is a bit over the top for my taste, but just like I was slapped on the hand for dis-ing the tats, it is unfair to assume that make-up is only for looking like something you are not.. And what girl doesn’t like a little lip gloss every now and then 😉

    Okay end of rant lol

  21. @ Sara Dane
    I think you used too many words spelled correctly for little
    Miss Emily to understand. Remember she needs half a@@ texting. And perhaps a make over!!!

  22. @Sara, that’s what I meant by/about makeup. Not a touch of matt on your glossy bits (if any), and maybe some lippie and eyeshadow, but something that looks like you’re attempting a bright orange face casting! 😉

    The same rule applies as with special effects in films I think; if you can tell it’s an effect (other than an intellectual “that’s an impossible shot” reaction, say like the whole ship pans in Titanic, or the shot from immediately above the launch gantry in Apollo 13) it’s too much!

  23. @sara
    indeed ‘s true i was only commenting on exessive make-up not lip gloss only ppl who cake it on. other than that i agree with yew ttly
    stop bein a lil b**** seriously i may write in txt language but yew need to GROW up! I”m sorry if it offends you that i don’t waste my time spelling out each and every word on a hello kitty website but as i said before it’s not my problem yew can’t read my simple abbreviations. you’re way to obsessive about these things.Lsn up for real. I’m an english major i don’t need help reading ppl’s comments. THX 4 tha HLP! btw i don’t wear make-up and i don’t need to God made us look the way we do for a reason (imho) -oops sorry forgot yew can’t understand- (in my humble opinion) lip gloss for chapped lips cover up for obviously covering up things and maybe sum blush for some color and eyeliner if desired other than that what’s the point? (future refernce if you’re going to assume something about anyone make sure yew know them a little better) tid bit of info i’m pentecostla it’s against all that i believe in to put things that are not absolutley nessasary on my body jsyk(just so yew know)

  24. um, i like it.
    i don’t like hello kitty, why have i been saying kinda positive things about some of this stuff?…
    working close to a sanrio store has started to wear at my HK defenses!!!!

  25. @catherine
    again thx for the advice about how to live MY life.
    ALSO, i’ll get sum anger ‘mgmt’ as soon as yew get someone to get whatever is up u’re ‘ace’ out.

  26. @catherene
    hmmmmmmm dunno guess not because after all txting wud take away from god’s original plan. right? u’re so stupid.

  27. @Emily
    Your argument (about makeup for starters) is twisted. You say it’s against all you believe in to put things that are not absolutely necessary on your body, but you said earlier that blush and eyeliner are ok, if “desired”.

    Sorry, but you can’t have your religion and eat it too.



    Pet peeve: takes just as many letters to type ‘yew’ as ‘you’. W. T. F.

    It’s not ‘cutesy’, it makes you look dumber’n a brick wall, and.. just.. ugh. As a 21-year-old English major, let me tell you: please stop. You’re making us look stupid.

    (Well, really, you’re only making yourself look stupid. But way to go! You’re doing a REALLY GOOD JOB at it.)

  29. @sansi
    i ment for others not me.but wutevs
    kayleigh she’s right it’s dumb….. so lets stop it. I won’t be botherd by ur snide comments and yew shud just ignore my txting. these pathetic arguments have surppased any reason
    so wutever now.

  30. @kayleigh

    I thought this was an anti Hello Kitty website. In which case, if Hello Kitty websites were all love and hugs for the fearsome feline, I’d think that arguing here would be exactly what we should do 🙂

  31. @emily helllo….
    okay seriously i’m an english major myself and as such i’d love it if you would act that way. Also my partner has a very similar religion as you and it’s your choice whether or not you wear make up. I do, and I attend his church. I’m not shunned for it. I understand you wanting to voice your opinions but please be sure and make your self seem a bit more informed.
    Just let her go girl, she’s obviously slightly stubborn. &)

  32. I like it.. the sight of HK being wiped out with biological weapons and left as a rotting corps is delightful..

    Love it

    ** silent bob is shocked. 2 good comments from me in 1 day**

    what is the world coming to?

  33. Just be glad that it’s a clearly DEAD Kitty. A dead HK is never as scary as the real one, staring at you with those…*shudders* EYES!

  34. This tattoo is so insane. I wouldn’t even know that it was Hello Kitty if it didn’t have the bow.

    I was watching Rock of Love Bus last night and I saw that Ashley, one of the girls, has a Hello Kitty tattoo on her upper arm. I think it’s on her right arm.

    The tattoo is of Hello Kitty’s face. It’s so horrible that as soon as I saw it I thought of your site. I couldn’t find a pic of it, but believe me, it’s hideous.

  35. OMGSH!!! that is so stupid. only until i started listening to Gadgettes did i realize that people actually like hello kitty, and i found this wesite from them..but a tat? what the heck!

  36. How can all of you be English Majors with horrid grammar? I mean mis-used punctuations, spelling errors out the ass, improper capitalization….

    That and stop arguing with people over their religion as well. Now THAT is where you should drawthe line in this thread about Hating Hello Kitty. Come no, children.

    Anyway, that tattoo is freaky…It should not exist. The person who tatted that on their legshould be shot.

  37. Actually it’s not anatomically correct. It has an upper jaw. According to Sanrio, Hello Kitty has no mouth because she speaks from her heart! Interesting use of the bio hazard symbol.


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