Hello Kitty Suicide Art Series

While I would much rather not have anything Hello Kitty end up in my email, that is an impossibility when you live in Hello Kitty Hell. Part of the daily torture is waking up each day to see Hello Kitty in all her evilness sent in by too many people with far too much extra time on their hands.

That being said, not all Hello Kitty emails are equal. If I had to choose the Hello Kitty crap sent to me (and let’s face it, if Hello Kitty is on it, is should be considered crap), I would much prefer emails such as the Hello Kitty suicide art series:



I mean, if I have to look at the evil feline, seeing her burn herself to death or cutting her wrist is a much more pleasant experience than having to watch her mock me with her sugary sweetness and reading in detail how some Hello Kitty fanatic is totally in love with her.

Of course, my wife doesn’t quite see eye to eye with me on this artistic interpretation. It’s still far beyond her comprehension that anyone would ever want to do any harm to Hello Kitty (a sure sign that you are living with a Hello Kitty fanatic) which forces one to exhibit a huge amount of Hello Kitty restraint.

One of the worst parts of living in Hello Kitty Hell is having to realistically show sympathy and sorrow to the Hello Kitty fanatic when something like this is shown to her while secretly grinning from ear to ear inside. Either that or showing your true feelings as you succumb to the fact that you will be spending the rest of the week on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag…

Sent in by Thom Foolery who really should have to only do Hello Kitty art for the rest of his life for thinking that letting me know about this art project could ever result in something good…

50 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Suicide Art Series”

  1. Before Darlene can answer, I have one thing to say…

    Shut the hell up and leave us alone.

    Thank you for listening.

    Also, THESE ARE AWESOME! I want the one where she cuts her wrists. πŸ˜€

  2. Em, I want to raise a serious comment about the Google ads I’ve got at the moment. 2 of them are for sales of HK merchandise, which is fine (well not really, but you can’t say they’re unsuitable or inappropriate), but the 3rd is for Dignity in Dying (British campaign group for voluntary assisted suicide) which doesn’t strike me as particularly suitable for this site, or sensitive in the context of the artwork.

  3. What is wrong with you?! The fact that you get enjoyment out of seeing Hello Kitty – the universal model of love and sweetness – get hurt goes to show your true self crystal clear. Hello Kitty is a universal test of what you have on your inside and this proves that you are not a good person. Besides, Hello Kitty is smart, intelligent and loves life. She would never do something like this.

    Your heart must be ice cold. Only someone with no heart could make positive comments about something as dreadful as this.

  4. WOOHOO!!!!!!! May not be real but finally the bitch is dead. πŸ˜‰

    Darlene, say hello to the fire poker. Please bow your head as @ let the rage flow. >:D

  5. Kitteh There is no control on ads displayed by Google, you should see my live journal, I was getting ads for gay dating sites, ad for a debunking Jesus show and ads for democrats even though I am a straight, Christian, Republican.

    MR. HKH,
    I am shocked that you dissed this guy, He is as anti kitty obsessed as you are, and he just on number four of nine. The narrative reads like a celebrity ridden pulp fiction story, full of sex, drugs, lesbian adultery and more. (Sounds like the blues or an updated country song)

    PS how to deal with wife: say two word, β€œYes Dear” while nodding head. Repeat as necessary.

  6. two words for every body, lighten up! its a friggin cartoon for crying out loud! shes not real. she doesnt realy exist. its freakin paint.

  7. This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t find this to be great.

    Google ads, shmoogle ads. I wasn’t under the impression this blog was rated G.

    I think this is bloody brilliant.

    It seems people are totally missing the point all the funds raised at this art show go to helping kitties in shelters, which is definitely worth 9 deaths of Hello Kitty. She becomes Hello Kitty Jesus for the other kitties in the world. Ever stop to think about that?

  8. @darlene: Yeah, someone who runs another blog that exists solely to motivate people to do good and raises donations to Kiva via the comments and RSS sign-ups must be evil.

  9. I thought I saw everything when I saw the Hello Kitty “nude” and the Hello Kitty beer. I don’t want Hello Kitty to die or to plant suicidal thoughts in the head of young people or anything else.

    This reminds me of the “Barney Bashing” of the 1990’s only worse.

  10. Thanks Everyone! Big thanks to you, Mr HKH for posting these. Hope you don’t end up in too much trouble with the little lady.

    Kitteh!! – That’s a good idea, but I already have all 9 painted already.

    Indiana – Thanks! Glad you like it. Prints of all 9 will be available soon. Check back on my blog in a few weeks after all 9 have been posted. I’ll be releasing purchase details.

    deidre – Thanks! I made most of these at 3am after my weekly Satan Worshiping / Sewing Circle meetings.

    darlene – Wow! I had no idea Hello Kitty transcended the material world in such a way as to be some sort of physical manifestation/representation of our very souls! I feel so foolish now. I thought IT was just a simply drawn icon for a character based franchise to be cut and pasted on to virtually every utilitarian object conceivable to apply to the wide range of demographics possible including those with Aspergers syndrome that don’t get out of the house much (if at all) that seem to think this profitable puss is real. I’m still confused though as to how she is “smart, intelligent and loves life”. She doesn’t seem to love life as far as I can tell since she’s repeatedly committing suicide. I’ll tell you what, once Hello Kitty starts feeding children in Africa and begins finding cures for cancer, and begins funding for public arts, I’ll lay off and stick to paintings of Tony The Tiger and Toucan Sam prison r*pe. I will admit though, that you are right that only someone with no heart could make positive comments about something as dreadful as this. But what they lack in hart, they make up for in a sense of humor.

    ama – Thank you! Save that shovel. in case her zombie comes back.

    Hello Kitty Junkie – Just looked at Luke’s work. Very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    Kitty – She’s not dead yet. Remember, cat’s have 9 lives. She’s on #5 right now. I’ll have all 9 up by Saturday. THEN we can wave or pistols in teh air in celebration.

    Acton – Glad you like the stories and actually GET it! I don’t think he’s really dissing me, so I wouldn’t worrk about it too much. Besides, I don’t think I’d be too upset if I had to make HK paintings like THIS for the rest of my life.

    leslie – Wha–? What do you mean she’s not real?? Nooooo!

    sparkie x – Hello Kitty isn’t actually advocating or advertising suicide (although she might as well be since she’s been merchandised on to everything imaginable, amirite?). If you read the stories that accompany each painting on my blog, you’ll see that she’s just made some very bad choices in life.

    Gail – Glad you like em. There are many more. 4 up right now. 1 more later tonight. And 4 more throughout the week. One everyday, each with it’s own tragic story. You can see them all on my blog.

  11. Guys, ref the Google ads: If site owners don’t know about inappropriate Google ads, they can’t do anything about them. If they don’t do anything about them, it’s a racing cert that Google won’t either!

    @ Thom, if you want to use the idea some time in the future you have my permission. Ref darlene, don’t hold your breath: No really, don’t. I asked her for some independant evidence of “all the good HK does” over 2 years ago, and we’re still waiting for the first reference from her.

  12. im not saying i like this but thoms artwork rocks! It’s really good. Watch, im gonna pull a darlene:
    Darlene, i cant believe you don’t see the artistic talent this guy has. It really shows your true personality, i guess you can’t appreciate art.
    Now you’ve had a taste of you r own medicine darlene!!!!!!

  13. Thom no worries
    I was surprise he cursed you, If you look at this site there is a pattern to Mr HRH madness, I thought he would praise, your work. Beside I was giving MR. HKH a little ribbing.
    Darlene don’t mind her; you might say she is our unofficial Hello Kitty Hell agitator / troll / adversary.

  14. i<3hk, but i could understand you’re frustration with hk dominating your life. that would be frigging annoying. but personally i’m disturbed that you find such a graphic image amusing. i mean, all hk aside, that’s a little sickening. i’ll forgive you, though, for if i had to sleep in a GI JOE sleeping bag everytime I laughed at GI JOE ridicule, i’d be a little more than miffed.

  15. ok NO OFFENSE but that is really mean. i’m just afraid some little kid will see that and be permanantly scared or worse. that is REALY violent and offensive and a little overboard on the whole anti-Hk thing. i suggest you delete these photos because you could get into some serious legal trouble my friend. it’s just sickening what people have in their minds to do something like that. again NO OFFENSE INTENDED!!!!!

  16. P.S. These pale in comparison to the shitty goretastic movies that have been released to the public as of late. To the artist I say, keep em coming!!!

  17. why do we all hate Darlene? she has a right to her opinion as the rest of us do. remember…peace, love, and hello kitty! =P

  18. I am highly curious as to how on earth Darlene gets away with being so horribly idiotic. Not only are her comments painfully redundant, but if she hates what you write so much, why does she spend so much time reading up on your site. Darlene; please get a life.

  19. You guys, isn’t it obvious that ‘Darlene’ isn’t reading your replies? LOL, and thats probably not even her actual name.

  20. Hello kitty is the most cutest character in earth and whoever you dumbasses are, you better stop calling her a devil ‘coz i’m going to kill you all with a hello kitty garrote when you are tucked in bed!

  21. Whoa, darlene 4, chill girl! What happened to freedom of speech, or whatever stupid rule that allows darlene to call the HKH guy awful names and you to threaten the other readers?

    Think about it; don’t all these “dumbasses” have as much of a right to call Kitty a devil as you do to say otherwise?

  22. first, *shoots darlene with a HK XM8 that darlene loves so much.* now, about the pictures. really funny. they should make one where hello kitty drowns herself in a HK crapper p.s. yay, a review!!!!!!!

  23. p.s.s. only the flaming head one is funny. the extremely bloody one is creepy and should be in a HKHM hello kitty horror movie!!!

  24. First-time visitor and commentor here.

    Have nothing against HK, as I know little about it and its many manifestations.

    However, did find Mr. Foolery’s work to be amusing, all the same.

    Have had, as a joke film idea, a HK animated bio-pic of the life and times of Yukio Mishima, culminating in Mishima’s committing seppuku in the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force’s headquarters in November, 1970.

    Why? As a spoof on both HK and the cult of cute around it, and on Mr. Mishima, and especially the Japanese ultra-nationalism that motivated him and his para-military group to take over the JGSDF headquarters and to commit seppuku there.

    BTW, Mr. Foolery, am a high-functioning autistic type, and can tell you that, whatever my lack of social graces and the like, can generally, if imperfectly, distinguish fact from fiction. I don’t say this to castigate you, but to let you know auties, Aspies and others with various cousin diagnoses have our share of problems, surely, but psychotic we’re not, that’s all.

    All that said, enjoy the site, at least from what have seen of it thus far, and keep up the good work.

    As for the HK fans out there offended by this or other posts here, please keep in mind this is only one fellow’s opinions on display here after all, and to enjoy your HK fandom without becoming dogmatic about it.

  25. Exuse me… what about the people who actually like Hello Kitty!!!!

    I do..but i dont think that she should try to be emo and cut or kill herself like in those pics….i think these were the worst pics i ever seen.TOTALLY NOT COOL!!!… so in other words i DISLIKE it.

  26. thank you so much. i hate hello kitty. p.s people are you really calling this disturbing look at the Disney and other kids movie that your children are watching.


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