Hello Kitty Tattoo Promo

When I get things like this in my email box, I fear that there really is no escaping Hello Kitty Hell (or any hope for the human race). The whole Hello Kitty tattoo thing has gotten so bad that tattoo shops are now celebrating the evil feline’s 35th anniversary by having Hello Kitty discount tattoo promotions. Seriously…

Hello Kitty anniversary tattoo promo

Sent in by Rachael

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tattoo Promo”

  1. Ohh that’s funny and I actually know where that is. Scary to know that I’m living less than 10 miles away from that tattoo parlor.

  2. Yeah, I’m not too far away from there (It’s Vegas, BTW). Already have a HK and Chococat tat though. I think it’s funny when people interpret it as good kitty/bad kitty.


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