Hello Kitty Latex Bed

It became obvious long ago that despite the the innocent persona that Hello Kitty tries to cultivate, she has a lot of sex on her mind. There is no other reason that the people at Sanrio revived the Hello Kitty vibrator or that they would allow a campaign like this. This is not to mention the Hello Kitty bondage hotel or the Hello Kitty S&M flogger (I could go on, but I think you get the point). So is it really much of a surprise that there is a Hello Kitty latex bed?

hello kitty latex bed

Sex and suffocation – that pretty much sums up what the evil feline is all about…

Sent in by Miss D. (via Kink Engineering – NSFW site) who should have to sleep in a Hello Kitty latex bed for the rest of her life for ever thinking that sending this to me could be a good idea…

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Latex Bed”

  1. I would enjoy this! 🙂 Thank you bringing to my attention the so many new ways for Hello Kitty to enrich my life! Lol!

  2. I Pity the Fool
    Ether we got a real sicko custom job.
    More like Mr. HKH has fallen for another fake. (a habit of his)

  3. Hello Kitty doesn’t not have sex on her mind! The reason that you should not be allowed to write this blog is because you show time and again that you don’t understand Hello Kitty at all.

    Hello Kitty loves everyone no matter what they think or believe and because of this, everyone in the world wants to be close to her. This shows how diverse the group of people that love Hello Kitty are. Everyone wants to sleep in a Hello Kitty bed no matter what type of bed they prefer and Hello Kitty helps make that possible.

    You only see sex because you don’t understand the giving and loving nature of Hello Kitty. Maybe if you stopped being so closed minded and let Hello Kitty into your heart, you would become a less obsessed person.

  4. I would be more than happy to suffer daily vac bed treatments for sending this in!

    And for the record, it’s not about suffocation; it’s about heightening senses.

  5. I like comment # 7.’s heartfelt plea….its the Mystic Kitten heart wisely harnessed that conquers all and Hello Kitty understands this….especially after a nice rubber nights sleep…. I only take exception to Hello Kitty Gattling Guns & Exploding Evil Devices ….Maybee its just Me , but I think its just plain wrong for societies corporate terrorists to be stockpileing unexploded landmines & to be making Hello Kitty bombs & that the american industrial military arms_making complex ploy to collab. w Sanrio in the Manuf. of makeing Hot Pink baby-bullets with Hello Kitty insignias should be Stopped.

  6. I helped make that vacbed… it’s not a custom job. Just something fun we whipped up. My partner thought it would be cute and help people get over their fear of this crazy bondage contraption.

    Really, it amounts to a big piece of fan art… and a talking point at fetish parties. 😉

    • heh. i love that Archean of Kink Engineering actually replied. You’re amazing! Seeing that bed made me find KE and now my bf and i are considering getting a vacbed [though not necessarily that one… :3]

  7. i notice its two women in the bed…. is this because guys looked at it and ran from the room screaming in horror as thier manhoods shrivaled to nothingness leaving them with the only option of taking vows of celibacy and becoming monks in some obscure land far far away from any japanese advertiseing outlets…. thus, by taking the virility of men everywhere, bringing the Hello Kitty plan of world domination one step closer to realization… or… is it because womens butts just look better in latex? XP

  8. Darlene,

    The fact that you are willing to spread a plea across this site for the sake of a fake cat, that lives in an equally fake world, and lives for values that only truly exist in your own truly blinded mind, is rather sad, dear.

    As said by Sandra…. Hello Kitty is not God…she can not actually have anything on her mind, she’s not real. The reality of it is the creators, and whoever works on this now in the Sanrio special department of ultimate horrors, are little japanese perverts trying to come up with something to outdo the next midget pervert that had this on his mind.

    😉 What truly horrifies me is people that “fight the good fight” in an attempt to make this look less sex addictive.


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