Hello Kitty Giant Bow Tattoo

While there are numerous things that one can say about Hello Kitty fanatics, I guess there is one thing that you can never say. That is that Hello Kitty fanatics don’t provide an ample amount of “wtf?” into the lives of all the sane people in the world. This is especially true when it comes to Hello Kitty tattoos as yet another one so perfectly illustrates:

There is probably the very distinct possibility that you’re going to truly regret the giant Hello Kitty bow tattoo you got on your back in a few years when you realize that it’s difficult to distinguish it from a giant clown nose with bow tie in the background. Just saying…

Sent in by far too many readers

Update: That giant clown nose doesn’t get any better with less clothes:

Hello Kitty big bow tattoo

Sent in by Megan

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Giant Bow Tattoo”

  1. I very much love HK, but I draw the line at inking her permanently into my flesh. I just can’t bring myself to do.

    I have no ink, but I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to indulge my midlife crisis by getting scientifically accurate anatomical artwork of an octopus around my right ankle when I turn 40 in 1 1/2 years. And, NO, the octopus will not have an HK bow in her head.

    As far as HK bow tattoes go, I’ll be impressed when someone shaves her head and gets a placement and size proportionate correct HK bow tattooed onto her scalp. There, I’ve put the concept out there. How long till you think it happens?

  2. [photographer] Just how hard is it to get the damn exposure on a photo right? You’re taking a pic of someone’s back, which is almost exactly the correct reflectance/absorbance to give you a correct exposure to avoid those over-deep shadows! [/end]

    Ok, rant over. The rant was caused by the over-deep shadows stopping me seeing the details of what looks like it’s probably some neat shadowing!

    @Pepsibookcat – You should be forced to spend the rest of your life with people who have done this, just for having the idea! 😉
    Seriously, the octopus idea sounds cool. If you’ve never seen it, there’s a good design in the James Bond film “Octopussy”.

  3. I like the idea of the iconic HK bow, but this one is way too big! I think that a smaller version of it, maybe tattooed on the hip, wrist, or even a tiny one behind the ear might have been better….

  4. I love the ink on this! I know it’s fresh, but the red is so vivid that it really pops! As long as she treats it right and does proper upkeep (touching it up down the line) it’ll stay looking just this nice.

  5. That is awful — I would never do that. Really, that’s going a bit far. I use to work with old people. Can you image seeing that on a 90 year old?

  6. Ugh, I think a very small HK bow on your shoulder or wrist or even as small as on your finger would be cute, but this is….just a monstrosity….

  7. If I had to get this, it would be a tiny one. that’s definitely cuter than a huge bow across your back, that must’ve hurt to get!
    Actually, I’d rather have the octopus.

  8. Knowing the person… It’s just hilarious to me. First the bow looks awful. It’s a bow, but not Hello Kitty’s. Hello Kitty’s bow doesn’t look like pac man ran the back of his head into a wall. It’s round. I have an HK tattoo, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Also, the “professional” photo could have been done while wearing a bow like Hello Kitty’s, and maybe with some ears, a cute skirt… Something HK related????

    LOL My husband and I laughed so hard.


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