Hello Kitty Watermelon

I figured that if I could survive the excruciating pain of having to see all the hideous Hello Kitty Halloween pumpkin creations, I would no longer have to worry about the evil feline being carved into fruits. Unfortunately, I once again greatly underestimated the true diabolical nature within her soul when I was shown a carved Hello Kitty watermelon:

Hello Kitty watermelon carving

While I hope the Hello Kitty carving stops with this, the fact that these Hello Kitty carvings exist pretty much guarantee that the much less painful (although equally horrific and far too similar looking) Hello Kitty watermelons will continue to exist…

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Update: You knew it couldn’t end with just one…

Hello Kitty water melon carving

7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Watermelon”

  1. I like watermelon. I love Hello Kitty. But, the red of this kind of looks like some sort of ritualistic scarification. I can’t get comfortable with this kittified watermelon.

  2. I need directions for this. I carve a nice Hello Kitty pumpkin every year so I’m sure I can pull this off. But I’m only confused on one part, is this carved or scraped?

  3. @Sandra – If you right-click on the picture and select “open link in new [tab|window]” you can get the pic zoomed up full-size. Some bits of the cutout are obviously V-grooved so must have been carved in. Others are U-grooved and I’m not sure how to do that; the nearest tool I’ve got is a zester and that would create lots of small corrugations in the base of the cuts.

  4. I love this and think it’s a great idea to replicate for a b’day party or even a HK themed baby shower. Surprisingly, I opted to not have a HK themed shower for my baby girl this wknd but I will definitely do this for her 1st B’day!

  5. well i like hello kitty but this makes me think of a big sacrifice ritual so who is gonna draw the pentagram and who will help me hunt her down…….. jk OR AM I??????


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