The Hello Kitty McDonald's McArch

Well, let’s certainly hope that this isn’t a trend that catches on and spreads to other countries. Apparently the evil feline decided to sleep with Ronald McDonald and the result was the ugliest thing you can imagine. Yes, it appears that their night of romance (apparently Kitty chan forgot to tell Ronald to use her branded condoms — or more likely, she did and they simply failed to work) produced the Hello Kitty McArch:

Hello Kitty McArch

McDonalds sign with Hello Kitty bow

I see that this link as further proof that the end is near, and when it comes, it’s not going to be pretty…

Sent in by McD lover

6 thoughts on “The Hello Kitty McDonald's McArch”

  1. From the writing on the signs, I think that this was taken in Bangkok Thailand. I think it could be on the SiLom road.

    In Hong Kong, Kitty seems gone one step further and got a job at McD’s (or at lease work modelling their new uniform)


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