Hello Kitty Halo

More proof that Hello Kitty has to Hello Kittify everything she comes in contact with (and that no matter how wrong it is to modify something, Hello Kitty will still lay claim to it), including first person shooting computer games:

Hello Kitty Halo

Of course, my wife thinks that this is a positive thing (I know, I know — it is impossible to see how this could ever be a positive thing to any normal human being, but you have to remember that Hello Kitty fanatics have a warped sense of what Hello Kitty can do): “Doesn’t it look sooooo much better? By Hello Kitty giving Halo her heart, those who play the game will be given a kindness that only Hello Kitty can give.” (?!? ummmm, it’s a game with the goal of killing everything in site…)

The sad fact here is that upon seeing this latest Hello Kittification, I wasn’t even surprised in the least bit which goes to show that Hello Kitty Hell has begun to numb my senses…and that is exactly what scares me most about Hello Kitty Hell…

Thanks to Nic who should be forced to live with Hello Kitty Halo images every night in her dreams for sending this to me…

Hello Kitty – How Many Bows?

One of the worst aspects of Hello Kitty Hell is all the Hello Kitty games that my wife receives and then gives to me. I have to make some type of effort or I end up sleeping on the couch even though it’s torture to do so. Well, all you readers who actually like Hello Kitty are going to have to start earning your keep for my torture. Today my wife gave me this “How Many Bows Can You Find” and since looking at it makes the Hello Kitty pop tarts actually seem appealing, I’m enlisting you to give me the answer:


Hello Kitty - how many bows?