Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

My wife decided to download a bunch of Hello Kitty coloring pages the other day (I’m still debating whether this is better or worse than her buying a Hello Kitty coloring book) and told me that I should practice so that I can color them with my nieces when they come to visit. This, of course, made for a very difficult dilemma. Should I color the Hello Kitty coloring pages like my wife expected me to, or should I color the Hello Kitty coloring pages the way that they actually should be colored?

hello kitty coloring pages

hello kitty coloring page

hello kitty coloring book

Obviously, my wife doesn’t agree with me on how Hello Kitty coloring pages should be colored. Apparently, realistic depictions of the true character of the evil feline aren’t what she had in mind when she said that I should practice and she made it very clear that it was not appropriate for me to color the Hello Kitty coloring pages like was done above (for some unfathomable reason, she didn’t think that my nieces would appreciate it either).

Maybe a Hello Kitty coloring contest is in order to see which type of Hello Kitty coloring page is a truer depiction of how people see Hello Kitty? Then again, it is a no win situation. Even if I win, I lose — which is a typical result when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Left by @Krystalle on Twitter via Epic Win FTW who gets a reprieve for punishment for sending me Hello Kitty crap since it made me smile…

Update: Apparently there are others that also think that coloring Hello Kitty coloring pages can be a lot of fun when you bring out her true spirit:

hello kitty batter up

hello kitty park

hello kitty fun

Sent in by Tricia Kleinot via her blog Color Halo

hello kitty coloring page pilot

hello kitty coloring page headless horseman

Sent in by misspaprika

91 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Coloring Pages”

  1. That’s a valid interpretation; there again I say that anything by way of fan art is a valid interpretation, whether it shows HL as all marshmallows and PeptoBismol or as Hello Hellish Kitty!

  2. WTF?!?!?! She has a mouth! Lol, I do like this better than the “normal” way, but seriously, depending on how old your nieces are, it might scare them.

  3. I’m not sure you could color without ripping the page.
    May you spend 6 week at the hello Kitty House for this desecration Mr. HKH.

  4. Absolutely lovely, and yes. I bet your nieces think so too.. Got a 5 year old kid myself, and she would positively laugh at these ^^

  5. Is it sad I scanned the page to see if I could find darlene flipping her lid?

    Looks like what I used to do, until I learned to draw the blood by myself XD

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  7. @Liz- No it’s not sad, and anyway if everyone were really honest, we ALL want to see darlene lose it. It’s part of the fun and she always provides excellent enertainment 🙂

  8. LOL, wow either u rly hate hello kitty or the cute overload has made u snap.


    P.S did u get a hello kitty death stare for this? LOL

  9. I love it so much.
    I’m really into j-culture, so everyone assumes i love hello kitty and buys me pink hello kitty stuff.
    I’m totally getting a colouring book and doing this. I love it.

  10. this are not very nice pictures like I am only a 9 year old child and i love hello kitty very much I ‘m her biggest fan and I know hello kitty will not do these silly things!

  11. absolutely <3 hello kitty 🙂 love the sweetness she brings, but i do love the new "evil" side of her tht u brought out. funny, yet stil adorable ^_^ u should post new ones 🙂

    • Hey, i like hello kitty too, but i don’t hate this! you should at least appreciate them no matter how stupid, dumb, and unbelievable it is. you should think that they might hate hello kitty as much as you hate them hate hello kitty!

  12. Wel how about this, if u haters dnt like it, look somewheres else. it’s called creativity, ppl can hav tht u kno? If it’s nt what u like then go look at some freakin hello kitty pix u do. Lame asses with no sense of humor. And if ur ten u rele hav no horse n the race to even b talking with the grown ups.

  13. you idiot get a life!!! hello kitty is not like this!!! so stop hating on hello kitty and go get a life, you dumb piece of crap…hating hello kitty doesn’t take you anywhere!!! Screw you, hello kitty is more successful than you will ever be.

  14. this is stupid and ugly! practicing coloring for neices what are they demons! god i was searching pictures of hello kitty to color and i sholdnt find this! rlly men! making fun of hello kitty!? hello kitty isnt for grown mature men (like what you SHOULD be) hello kitty is for little girls god i hate thius stupid website!

    • if you think hello kitty is not for grown mature men, then you probably already know why they do it and you can appreciate their effort on coloring pictures like this. besides, they won’t color hello kitty pictures if they’re not forced to, right? 😉

  15. I like hello kitty but this is so cool i have a hello kitty pencil case and it looks so cool now i ‘improved’ it i am gonna print some hello kitty coloring pages right now and get evilifying

    • if you’re ten then get outta here, because if you hate it, DON’T comment because it’s just going to ruin the website. you don’t want THAT comment when you post something, don’t you

  16. Omg I love this!!! I started coloring my coloring pages like this now for all characters!!! Right now i am working on a zombie pikachu pic!! Warning to all i love hello kitty and i think this is a creative way to create all pictures!!

  17. I am a big fan and collector of all things Hello Kitty!your coloring pages are hillarious, you are quite the artist too, lol.
    I ain’t mad at ya 😉

  18. There’s soooo many hate comments. I guess they just don’t understand what ‘artist’ means 🙂

    P.S plz post more things like this

  19. Haha… you have to admit though that Hello Kitty make people creative, nevermind they hate her… ^^

    You’re right, Hello Kitty is not really “of use”, but who cares, she’s that cuuuuuuuuuuuuute XD~

    What’s a feline? O.o


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