Hello Kitty Vienna

It’s a simple question. If you save up money to take a romantic trip to Vienna with your significant other, how would you most want to spend your time?

If you have a Hello Kitty fanatic in your life, you already know the answer…forget the culture, forget the sights, forget the romance, forget the history and head straight for the Hello Kitty shop:

This picture reflects how a holiday to beautiful Vienna can be ruined when finding Kitty World down a side street. Hours upon hours were spent, while missing out on all the sights Vienna has to see…fun

Hello Kitty world Vienna shop

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Hello Kitty Hotel Room Video

The things about Hello Kitty fanatics is that they take something Hello Kitty that is already unbearable like the Hello Kitty hotel room (which one would assume could never get any worse) and combine it into a video with a song that takes it to as yet unknown nauseating level (warning: play the video at your own risk…)

I warned you. After listening to that once, I would rather have to listen to someone scratching their fingernails against a chalkboard for hours on end than listen to that again. Of course, my wife thinks it’s the “cutest thing ever” so it’s only a matter of time before it makes it way onto her playlist – ahhhh, the things I get to look forward to living in Hello kitty Hell…

Hello Kitty Airport

If you are a non Hello Kitty fanatic, you probably can’t conceive of anything worse than flying on a Hello Kitty airplane for the holidays, but when it comes to the Hell that Hello Kitty places all Hello Kitty fanatic partners into, a Hello Kitty airplane would never suffice. If you’re going to go to the trouble of building a Hello Kitty airplane, you might as well also build a Hello Kitty airport:

Hello Kitty airport

Hello Kitty airport

Hello Kitty airport

Hello Kitty airport

Hello Kitty airport

While my wife thinks that this is the greatest idea in the world and now wants to travel on the Hello Kitty airplane even more, this is the type of thing that places the last straw on the camel’s back before breaking it. It would not surprise me in the least bit if they have to provide numerous Hello Kitty barf bags to all the Hello Kitty fanatic partners who are forced to suffer through this.

While I don’t normally support terrorist actions, if a group decided to take over this airport and bomb the building, I think they would be doing a service to mankind and receive the support of millions of people for whatever cause they may have. Since this is unlikely to happen, and since at some point I’m going to be forced to endure this torture, if you happen to see some guy continually barfing into a Hello Kitty barf bag in a corner attempting to shield himself of all the horror surrounding him, feel free to give your sympathy (while bringing some extra barf bags) to someone living in Hello Kitty Hell — it just might be me…

Sent in by Kitty Baby, who should have to live in that airport for the rest of her life for even thinking for a moment it would be a good idea to send me these photos…

Hello Kitty Snack

I miss forks. Living in Japan where we use chopsticks all the time and stabbing food with them is considered extremely rude, you aren’t able to pull something like this off and be able to claim to the Hello Kitty fanatic next to you that you had no intention of inflicting any harm to the evil feline in any way:

Hello Kitty snack

Hello Kitty snack

Hello Kitty Snack

Hello Kitty Snack

Hello Kitty snack

Hello Kitty snack

Hello Kitty snack

Sent in by Pilar (via Richy!) who deserves a beer if we ever meet for letting me imagine that I will be able to do something like this to take out my frustration and get away with it if I’m ever forced to fly on the Hello Kitty airline

Hello Kitty Hotel Room

The problem going anywhere when you live in Hello Kitty Hell is that the destination is always someplace to see Hello Kitty. While in the past I was able to escape Hello Kitty for a few moments here and there, it is becoming more and more difficult to do so as everything succumbs to Hello Kittification. For example, when we go someplace, my wife wants to stay in a Hello Kitty hotel room and unfortunately, there are more and more of these that exists these days:

Hello Kitty hotel room

Hello Kitty hotel room

Hello Kitty hotel room

Hello Kitty hotel room

Hello Kitty hotel room

Rooms like this are on par with our house meaning it isn’t like escaping Hello Kitty Hell at all. In fact, it’s even worse because the place is new so my wife has to spend fifteen minutes on every single Hello Kitty item in the room explaining how she can incorporate into our own house.

You would think that anyone who was forced to stay in a room like this would at least have the decency to completely trash the place so nobody else would have to endure the pain of staying there, but alas, this never seems to happen.

It’s only a matter of time before my wife attempts to plan a week vacation where we are never out of site of Hello Kitty and the scariest thing about this is that it’s probably possible. Just thinking about it gives me a Hellish Hello Kitty headache…

Thanks to hellosis (via sunflower700) who should have to spend her entire life in rooms like these.

Hello Kitty Barf Bag

It is an extremely rare occasion when I’m sent a Hello Kitty photo that actually is appropriate to my plight:

Man, I feel for your situation. I just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone. While my girlfriend’s obsession isn’t on the same level as your wife’s, it’s enough to let me know the torture that Hello Kitty brings. So I thought you might like this.

Hello Kitty barf bag

Now if I have to have something with Hello Kitty on it, I can’t think of anything more appropriate to represent Hello Kitty Hell than a Hello Kitty barf bag. If my wife does decide to torture me with a consistent menu of Hello Kitty food in the future, when I get sick I can simply say I am filling up the bag with Hello Kitty and the thought of doing something like that brings a smile to my face…

Thanks to Brian who definitely deserves to never have to eat any Hello Kitty food from his girlfriend…

Hello Kitty Luggage

Now that we are back in Japan, I know that my Hello Kitty Hell will only increase in intensity. In the US, you can take a walk or drive and get away from Hello Kitty in times of desperation. When you live in Japan, however, there is no escaping Hello Kitty no matter where you go. Every shop has something Hello Kitty – it’s nauseating just thinking about it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Hello Kitty Hell if I wasn’t bombarded with something Hello Kitty before we actually arrived in Japan. My wife decided that our current luggage, although perfectly functional, wasn’t cute enough. And of course, Hello Kitty luggage does exist:

Hello Kitty Luggage

Worst of all, they come in three patterns meaning that my wife wants all three. While I’m sure that Hello Kitty Hell will bring even more hideous tortures to me, at the moment I can’t think of anything less embarrassing than walking through a crowded airport dragging a Hello Kitty suitcase behind me…

Update: Now that we are planning our winter holiday, my wife thinks that what she needs is a new set of Hello Kitty luggage guaranteeing that our travels will be just as Hello Kitty Hellish as staying at home…

Hello Kitty luggage

Hello Kitty pink luggage

Hello Kitty suitcase

Hello Kitty roller luggage

Sent in by Lori

Hello Kitty pink suitcase

Sent in by kliss

hello kitty roller suitcase

Sent in by allison

hello kitty suitcase

Sent in by lovethecat

hello kitty travel luggage

Sent in by starrygirl

Hello Kitty Travel

Hello Kitty AirplaneOne aspect of living in a Hello Kitty Hell is that Hello Kitty fanatics don’t think like normal people. Their minds get so obsessed with Hello Kitty that the main object of anything suggested gets turned around from what has been suggested to Hello Kitty.

I treasure the trips that I take. When we travel, it means I get some reprieve from Hello Kitty – at least that was the case several years ago. It’s now getting more and more difficult as this recent conversation can attest:

me: I’d like to plan an overseas trip. Where would you like to go?

wife: Oh, I don’t care. Any place is fine.

me: I was thinking about South America. Maybe Argentina.

wife: No, not there.

me: How about someplace in Africa. I’d really like to see the wildlife there.

wife: No, not there.

me: How about Russia? I’ve always thought that would be a great place to visit.

wife: No, not there.

me: I thought you said that any place was fine. That you didn’t care.

wife: I don’t as long as we can travel on this plane (takes me to her computer to show me the below photo) and it doesn’t go to those places.

Hello Kitty Airplane
me: That is a Taiwanese plane. We can only go to Taiwan. wife: Great, I’m glad we can agree where we want to go…

So our next overseas trip has been delegated to EVA air and wherever their Hello Kitty airplane goes. Of course, once she got it into her mind that this was acceptable, she had to show me photos of what the trip was going to be like. The stewardesses will all be wearing Hello Kitty uniforms:

Hello Kitty Stewardess

But it doesn’t stop there. The interior of the plane is decorated Hello Kitty and even cups, trays and snacks:

Hello Kitty Airplane Snacks
Hello Kitty Airplane Snacks

Worst of all? Even the food is Hello Kitty. 

Hello Kitty Airplane Food

Now why is it when terrorists blow up planes, they never have the decency to blow up the planes that would be a service to the world?