Hello Kitty Balzac Japanese Horror Punk Rock Band

If you had any doubt that no place was safe from the claws of Hello Kitty, that doubt may now be put to rest. Hello Kitty has managed to wriggle her way into a lot of places she isn’t wanted, but I figured there were a few places that would never take to her – like, perhaps, horror punk rock bands. But alas, I have once again underestimated the power that the evil feline possesses:

Hello Kitty Balzac

Hello Kitty punk rock band

Hello Kitty shock and horror

Hello Kitty Balzac punk rock

Yes, a Japanese horror punk rock band called balzac has adopted Hello Kitty into their act. Of course, any normal person would see this as a sign that something is seriously wrong in the world, but a Hello Kitty fanatic will look you directly in the eye and say without a hint of joking, “Of course, everyone loves Hello Kitty” (which was my wife’s reaction). This, my friends, pretty much verifies the doom of the human race…

Sent in by kryz-dracokin (via balzac) who should have to listen to Hello Kitty singing punk rock for years for giving me even less hope that the world can be saved from Hello Kitty domination…

32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Balzac Japanese Horror Punk Rock Band”

  1. Of course the evil feline would show her true nature in a HorrorPunk band. Who do you think ate all the flesh off of the army of skeletons she’s with? Then animated their bones? Seems like perfectly normal HK behavior to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if she fattened them up first on unhealthy HK sugarbomb food.

  2. Uh, okay…. ‘Horror’ Punk Rock???
    Is it like scary music, or do they do horror scenes at their shows???
    I guess I’m confused…

  3. Maybe theses were waifs that were fed her food. But considering I remember buying the stupid HK gum for 50 cents and I remember it to be WAY less satisfying than Wrigley’s and whatnot. So perhaps on a diet of non-nutritive HK patented meals, they became blank and souless.

    Or I could be reading too much into it, and there is something inherently cool about this. I would probably get the t-shirt but I kind of wonder if I should because since it is from Japan, most likely it is heinously expensive. XD

  4. guess I am glad I am not into punk rock of any kind. Maybe if I don’t say what kinds I do like, she will leave the genres alone….

    Either way, downright freaky.

  5. It said ‘Mystery and Terror’, ‘Weird and Occult’ in a T-shirt design.
    I’m wondering if it is describing the band itself or Hello Kitty.
    I think those two sentences are well describing the evil feline, Hello Kitty.

  6. I didn’t know The Misfits were Horror Rock… I like The Misfits… not sure that that’s really much different from regular rock though… I was thinking more along the lines of Rocky Horror Picture Show… don’t know why… 🙂

  7. did anyone else notice how hello kitty seems to be doing a nazi march? i guess after taking over a horror punk band she got cocky (if female cats can do that) and decided to be a bit lax on hiding her true intentions
    either way i’m scared, and she better not have any plans of invading hard rock or metal, because then i’d have to go hurt sanrio and the bands that endrose her.

  8. I’d have said that Rocky Horror was a mixture of mostly pop and prog rock. It’s certainly not punk; the original stage show is pre-punk for one thing.

  9. @ Kitteh!!:
    I know that, just for some reason that movie popped into my head… not for the music being anywhere near the same mind you…
    I could just see something like that up on stage at one of these Horror Punk Rock Band’s concerts 🙂
    I think my brain is on a whole different frequency tham most… keep that in mind 😉

  10. Ok bonny lass. My mind goes on some wierd tangents too (and RHS is about the only gothic [not Goth] musical I know either). I just didn’t want people getting it for the wrong reasons and being disappointed.

  11. Why! Sure, they’re Japanese, but Hello Kitty in a Balzac act..? They’re famous for their beautiful album covers and band art, and NOW THIS?
    Out of light in the 13th dark night, indeed…

  12. Balzac is the best horrorpunk band in the world, Hello kitty or not! Balzac rocks, check out their music! you will not be disappointed! They are harder than a coffin nail!

  13. yeah… neonme… balzac sucks balls. i just listened to them on your recomendation. i wish i had nails long enough to stick into my ears and meet at my brain.

    maybe theyre ‘harder than a coffin nail’ if you’re trying to nail your coffin shut with paperclips.

    • They’re the best horrorpunk band bro. Did you check out deep: teenagers from outer space? Nope, you checked the front page, more recent videos.


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