Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes 2011

I knew this was coming. I secretly prayed that it wouldn’t, but the mere fact that the evil feline exists pretty much proves that there is no God. It has become an annual torture fest beginning with Hello Kitty Halloween pumpkins landing in my email, then eventually a Hello Kitty Halloween costume ending up there … Read more

Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes

One of the greatest tragedies of living in Hello Kitty Hell is that even when Halloween is over, the torture from the holiday doesn’t end because all the fanatics feel it necessary to email me and my wife their Hello Kitty costumes. All I can say is that I’m just happy that none of them … Read more

Hello Kitty Darth Vader Halloween Costume

I never thought I would say this (and the fact that I’m about to is further proof that things are incredibly wrong in the world), but the Hello Kitty Darth Vader is becoming downright common. First there was the photoshopped Hello Kitty Darth Vader that lead to anime convention circuit Hello Kitty Darth Vader which … Read more

Hello Kitty Halloween Costume IV

It doesn’t seem like Hello Kitty fanatics want Halloween to end and I continue to get more emails of pumpkins (I’ve added a couple more sent in) and costumes: This is what the email said: I saw some of your other hello kitty costumes so i thought I would send you pictures of mine (it’s … Read more

Hello Kitty Halloween Costume II

It was bound to happen. Thinking that I could finally leave the Hello Kitty nightmare of Halloween (costumes and pumpkins) behind and begin to concentrate on what travesties Hello Kitty Christmas has in store for me, Hello Kitty fanatics would have none of that. One felt it was necessary to send me another Hello Kitty … Read more