Hello Kitty Swarovski 1GB USB Memory Stick

Since it is the holiday season, Hello Kitty would never be satisfied with reintroducing a new Hello Kitty laptop look and adding a Hello Kitty mouse. She would demand more and of course, NEC would produce it in the form of a Hello Kitty Swarovski 1GB USB Memory Stick: And because it is Hello Kitty, … Read more Hello Kitty Swarovski 1GB USB Memory Stick

Hello Kitty Computer Keyboard

I knew this was bound to happen because it is, for lack of a better term, so Hello Kitty Hellish. My wife has been adding Hello Kitty computer accessories left and right: the USB powered Hello Kitty keyboard cleaner, the Hello Kitty USB foot warmers, and the Hello Kitty USB lap warmer — so what … Read more Hello Kitty Computer Keyboard

Hello Kitty Christmas Buying Guide

I received an email asking me what Hello Kitty item I thought would be safe for a reader to give to his Hello Kitty fanatic girlfriend. The simple answer is that nothing is safe because once you begin buying anything with the evil feline on it, you have unknowingly signed a contract that you are … Read more Hello Kitty Christmas Buying Guide

Hello Kitty Mimobots

One of the few things that I have been able to keep from being Hello Kittified is my own computer, although my wife has tried repeatedly to convince me that a Hello Kitty computer is something that I need. When convincing me to get a Hello Kitty computer failed, she decided to try and brand … Read more Hello Kitty Mimobots