Hello Kitty Weekly Photo Dump

Here’s this week’s Hello Kitty photo dump of photos sent in that didn’t make the front page of this blog: Hello Kitty Uterus Plush Hello Kitty Guitar Meow! Hello Kitty Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Hello Kitty Cat Litter Hello Kitty Asics Shoes Hello Kitty MP3 Player And a few photo post updates: Hello Kitty Darth … Read more


It’s another sad day in Hello Kitty Hell when I have to create a photo page dedicated to the evil feline, but it seems that I will have a never ending stream of the same photos coming to me if I don’t do something about it. I get sent a lot of photos that never … Read more

Hello Kitty The Simpsons Dungeon

It’s nice to know that there are others out there that know the true fear that Hello Kitty should install in all of us. If you were to create the scariest dungeon imaginable, it would be a lot easier than most people imagine — simply fill it with Hello Kitty. The Simpsons agree with me:


It appears that there is a group of Hello Kitty fanatics that don’t like me because I don’t tell readers where to find the Hello Kitty items on my site. They write me emails (and sometimes leave comments) telling me what a horribly awful person I am. For example, here is the last email I … Read more

Hello Kitty Cosplay

Thus far I have been spared my wife dressing up in Hello Kitty costumes and, as you might well imagine, don’t have any urge to encourage such a hideous idea. It was therefore with extreme disgust I found this in my email this morning: Alexandra Roberts [flickr] Now I realize that you look at this … Read more

Hello Kitty Heels

I thought that my torture with Hello Kitty shoes was going to be limited to the Hello Kitty Converse High Tops and casual clothes, but of course I underestimated the lengths to which Hello Kitty would go to in order to increase my Hello Kitty Hell. Yesterday, I was informed that my wife had ordered … Read more

Hello Kitty Converse High Tops

Since I was in high school, I’ve always enjoyed wearing Converse high tops. They were sort of my fashion statement while all the other students around me went for Nike or whatever other fashionable shoe was in at that moment. Of course, during that time they only had 2 colors – black and white. It … Read more